About Us

Ovoms is the frontrunner in the staircase designing and installation industry serving all over the UK with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. With precision engineering, we are committed to designing staircases that fit right into your property. Working with our team, our clients enjoy the best value for money— escalating the usability of the spaces along with convenience.

Bespoke Staircase Design In London

Bespoke staircases are surely the best addition you can try to enhance the appeal of your entranceway. And when it meets architectural excellence, it’s impossible to overlook. Our team at Ovoms is committed to providing you with the most elegant design possible. At the same time, we offer the most competitive price in the market making it more convenient for you. So, everything goes according to your preferences where we play our part to build a staircase of your dream.

Cut Stringer Staircases
zigzag staircase ovoms

Specialists In Beautiful Staircases

We offer an array of staircase designing and installation services along with Floating Staircase, Close Treads, Zig Zag, Centre Spine, Cut Stringers, Full Stringers, and Custom Staircases. Whether it is for your domestic or office spaces, a necessity or simply to add an extra appeal to the property, we can help you get the best quality staircase tailored to your needs and spaces.

Precision Engineered

We utilise the most advanced cutting-edge technology to make sure you get an overview of what your staircases will look like prior to installation. In this stage, you have the option to bring changes to the design and customise it. Once finalised and rendered in a 3D version, the project will progress accordingly making it one of the centre of attractions of your home.

Detail Oriented

Our workmanship highlights the subtle detail we achieve through fine-tune engineering. From designing to building, we do not miss even the slightest detail and blend traditional handcraft with advanced technology to make your staircases gorgeous, aesthetically unrivalled, and immensely adorable. Every inch of our works reflects the luxury you crave and the excellence you deserve.

Our Mission

With years of experience and expertise, we seek to attain our customers with the highest level of satisfaction through sustainable, convenient, and high-performance staircase designing, building, and installation.

Our Vision

Ovoms is ensuring a vibrant and dynamic journey towards ultra-modern staircase design for their clients over the years. To keep the momentum progressing, we strive for new challenges that allow us to improvise and offer tailored services leveraging the competitive advantages and potentialities.

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We are available during standard business hours to answer any of your queries. However, our staircase design specialists will respond to your queries if it’s an emergency.

To talk to us, please feel free to call 02036 673330 or submit your quest at our email support@ovoms.com