Bespoke Staircases Ascot

Design and Build Modern Staircases in Berkshire

Bespoke staircase is not just a necessity. It’s more of luxury coming into a shape and size that makes your heart contend, eyes filled, and lifestyle elevated. We, here at Ovoms, specialise in designing and building bespoke staircases catered to your needs and property styles.

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Bespoke Staircases Ascot

In-House Bespoke Staircases Ascot Designers

Bespoke staircases require special attention and we are aware of that. Hence, we carefully supervise the whole design, building, and installation process from start to finish. At Ovoms, we have superior technology and the finest craftsmen to deliver custom-made premium staircases for domestic and commercial properties.

Our long-range of staircases ensure you get what you deserve regardless of materials and sizes. From wooden staircases to metal and glass, we pride ourselves in building durable staircases within the quickest possible time.

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Bespoke Staircases Ascot
Bespoke Staircases

Traditional, Modern, And Contemporary

Our Craftsmanship Will Surpass Your Imaginations

We know how a beautifully designed staircase can change how your property looks. Hence, we take extra measures to ensure you get it right in the first place— seeking your approval throughout. Our elegant staircase designing and building service in Ascot will put your personalised stamp at every bend and curve; making it your own from every angle. While it speaks highly of your sophisticated taste, the usability will put your life at ease— connecting floors seamlessly. 

Our bespoke wooden staircases can take any shape you want. If you want it to install in an open-wide space close to the living rooms, go for our curved bespoke timber staircases. However, interested in a more customised design that offers affordability and low maintenance, what not try our bespoke metal staircases. Whether it’s a centre spine, floating, full-stringer, cut-stringer, or even zigzag, know that our specialised staircase designing professionals can achieve your desired quality at ease. 

Bespoke Staircases For Any Properties And Places

The engineers at Ovoms have the expertise and skills required to deliver aesthetically unrivalled staircases. It doesn’t matter how complex the design is, we can make it a reality within the quickest timeframe. And don’t worry about the reliability. With scheduled maintenance, expect them to outlive you— if not your offspring!

For spacious places, we recommend you have a custom-designed spiral or curved staircases. However, for bars or any other commercial spaces, where space is scarce, our specialised staircases can be your ideal choice. As an industry leader in bespoke staircases UK, we have something for everyone. So, don’t worry if you have an old house with limited space or a big house with no idea, we can help you out. While we have our brochures open to all who want to gather modern staircase design ideas, our experts are available for a call as well.

To learn more about what we have for you up in our sleeve, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bespoke Floating Staircases
Bespoke Staircase Designers
Floating Staircases White

Experience That Matters!

We strive for excellence at every level of designing your bespoke wooden staircases. And to do that, we rely on our years of experience in successfully delivering sophisticated staircases. All of our team members, from designers, planners, and architects— we house some of the most talented professionals. 

Equipped with years of experience, we do not fail to comply with the building regulations when designing your dream staircase. At the same time, we ensure your new staircases add convenience to your lifestyle. Contact now to discuss your bespoke staircases Ascot projects with us.

High-Quality Staircases For Property Owners

Eye-catching staircases are what we are specialised in. Regardless of your property size and type, we can build custom staircases that fit perfectly into your house. However, we do not recommend installing a modern staircase to an old structure as most modern staircases require robust architectural support and considering your old property may compromise its reliability.

At Ovoms, we have built numerous staircases for a wide range of property owners. Our floating staircases serve the best purposes to relatively new buildings with wide-open spaces and hallways. However, if you have a traditional house structure (with limited space), you will be benefited from a close treads staircase installation. Those are just some examples. To get a clear idea of what your property would benefit most from a particular staircase design, download our brochure here.

Reliable Ascot Staircase Manufacturers

We have been manufacturing visually stunning staircases with sophisticated appeal. With years of experience in serving Londoners, we have secured our position as the most trusted staircase builder in the UK.

Based in central London, our name entails trust-worthiness, security, and cost-effectiveness. While our designers aim for a more sophisticated design, our engineers focus more on affordability without compromising the quality and reliability. At the same time, we never look down upon aesthetics that reflect our professionalism and uniqueness. 

Collaborative Effort Is What We Believe In

No matter what staircase design ideas you have or say you don’t have any, we will help you visualise what your staircase is going to look like in real life. Through a 3D computer rendering system, we will demonstrate the expected result and share with you for the approval required to embark on the project.

Our customers trust us for the feasibility we offer and ensure through our staircase design and installation service. We use the finest materials and finalise the look that evokes emotion, establishes a sense of luxury, and ensures ease of use.

For any staircase design and building in Ascot, big or small, modern or contemporary, do not hesitate to reach out. Let us build you a bespoke staircase in Ascot, Berkshire at the most affordable price.