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The Best Bespoke Staircase Services in Epping

Ovmos is a leading provider of bespoke staircase services for homes and businesses throughout Epping. We believe that staircases offer both style and functionality to an interior space. So, we aim to provide the highest quality staircase designs to enhance your property in Epping!


Everyone has unique tastes and preferences for a staircase, so we offer a wide variety of styles and materials. From zig zag staircases to floating staircases, choose from various designs to find the right fir for your home.


Made from the highest quality materials, including wood, glass, and metal, our custom staircases exude class and sophistication. Every staircase is designed and built to your exact requirements, ensuring you get the best staircase for your home or business.


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Bespoke Staircases Epping

Custom Staircases with the Perfect Design in Epping

Ovmos is one of the most established bespoke staircase manufacturers in the UK. We understand what it takes to develop a high-quality staircase that meets the unique requirements of each client.

To ensure the best bespoke staircases, we design and build each product from scratch. We begin this process by designing a 3D model of the staircase. This process allows us to value the staircase design, make easy design alterations, and see how it fits within the property layout.

Also, this gives our clients the chance to see how their staircase looks before any construction beings!

Once happy with the design, we begin building and installing the staircase, seamlessly integrating it into the current layout. Our bespoke staircases are suitable for all property types in Epping. We also have a wide variety of materials available, along with countless design options to suit all tastes and space requirements.

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The OVOMS Experience

Staircases Crafted with Care

With beautiful style and craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why a bespoke staircase is the must-have installation for UK properties.

We take the time to carefully craft and install the best quality bespoke staircases in Epping. Our builders have a wealth of experience, so know what it takes to get the job done right.

They take the time to carefully install the staircase to ensure that it enhances the aesthetic of your property. Every step is meticulously built and installed with unrivalled craftsmanship, guaranteeing the highest quality of work on every project.

Commercial and Residential Staircase Designs in Epping

We design and install beautiful custom staircases for both residential and commercial properties in Epping. Whether you’re a homeowner or opening a new business, we offer custom staircase designs that meet all requirements and budgets.

For example, we have cost-effective materials for budget-friendly staircases, such as a floating metal staircase. These are a popular choice for businesses seeking affordable but stylish bespoke staircases.

Also, choose from a variety of popular staircase designs that accommodate any property, regardless of size, layout, or age. For instance, popular staircase designs include floating staircases, zig zag staircases, and centre spiral staircases.

We have the perfect staircase solutions for every situation, no matter your needs!

A Wealth of Experience

Here at Ovmos, we make our experience count. We have a team of builders, designers, and architects with years of experience, ensuring the best service for our clients.

They understand that each property is unique and poses challenges for the design and layout of a bespoke staircase. So, they’ll happily recommend the best suited staircase designs and materials for your needs, accommodating everything from property layout to project budgets.

Furthermore, our team are familiar with all current building regulations, ensuring all staircase installations are compliant.

A Bespoke Staircase Suitable for Any UK Property

As a leading staircase manufacturer in the UK, we are proud to design beautiful bespoke staircases for any property. No matter the age, size, or layout of your property, we are confident of finding the perfect staircase for your needs.

For example, if you need a bespoke staircase for an older property in Epping, we’ll recommend certain products over others. Not all modern staircases are suitable for older properties because they require strong structural integrity.

Therefore, wooden staircases are often the safest choice for older properties in Epping!

Modern properties in Epping don’t have as strict requirements when it comes to staircase design and materials. These newer properties are built to withstand more robust installations, making most staircase designs and materials suitable. In any case, we always let you know the best custom staircase for your property type in Epping.

Cost-Effective Bespoke Staircases in Epping

We always aim to offer our clients the best value for money for a custom staircase. Our team know how to develop high quality staircase designs that add style and function for a budget-friendly price.

So, regardless of your budget, rest assured we have custom staircase designs suitable for your needs!

For instance, a glass staircases offer exceptional value for money, while adding an eye-catching aesthetic to the space. Floating staircases are also cost-effective, making them one of our more popular staircase designs in Epping!

Anyone seeking affordable bespoke staircases that don’t skimp on quality needn’t look further than Ovmos!

Bespoke Staircases Built on Collaboration

We use a collaborative process on every project to ensure our clients needs are always met. So, we are happy to receive any input from you during the designing process. Doing so allows us to develop the perfect staircase for your home or business in Epping!

Also, we provide 3D models of your staircase design, letting you visualise the concept before we move on to installation. Once you’re happy with the final design, we start building your staircase in a timely yet efficient manner!