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Most homes have the usual dull staircases. Now though, things are taking a turn. People are starting to realize the potential of going for a bespoke staircase in the house. A unique and stylish staircase will add a degree of aesthetic grandeur to the interior. You can send us a picture of your house and the place where you plan on installing the staircase. Our in house designers will then list a number of materials and designs for the new staircase. With adequate collaboration, we will make you a staircase that will perfectly suit the house in accordance with your desire.

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Office place staircases used to have the least of considerations. Most employees prefer taking the lift. That is no reason why it should be bland. Allow us to share our wisdom. We can make a staircase in the office that people will want to take instead of the lift. Our interior and architectural studies helped us learn a lot. We know how to make your clients and employees feel welcomed when they set foot on the staircase.

There are scrupulous design regulations for staircases as well in London. These regulations are actually helpful guidelines when it comes to making them safe. We have studied the philosophy of these regulations thoroughly. Yes, you can customise the staircase in any way you like. But, we will ensure that the final results are in compliance with the law so that there is nothing to worry about.

We care for you whole heatedly. That is why we put our delicate touches on the final steps of every project. Building and installing the staircase is not enough. You will feel the desired effect on every step and every touch. The materials that will be used will of finer quality. The tools we use will be professional tools. The process we follow will be personal and friendly. The end results will put a smile on your face and last for decades like all our staircases.

Did I choose the right design? Should I change the style to something else? Maybe the staircase should be placed somewhere else in the house. We understand the stress you go through when you are going for a change. That is why we have a very useful proposition.


Our in-house bespoke staircase designers will first look into your case and share their guidance with you. You are welcome to choose from any of the styles we offer; zig-zag, floating, spiral, cut or full stringer, centre-spined, different colours and various materials. Once you have the planning dealt with, you will have a computer-generated design of the staircase at hand, showing how it will turn out to be. We will go to work as the design is to your satisfaction. That way, you will have a better mental picture of the end results.

We are good at what we do. On any day, a challenge from any competitor is what we expect. We know how to source materials of the finest quality from providers throughout London and even abroad. We take good care of our resources and use our time at work efficiently. Specially, we know how to offer you the best for your money, not with minimal, rather with subtle concern and meticulous confidence. All our staircases are offered in exchange for a fair return. Most importantly, we believe that we must deliver our best and be critical of ourselves for the sake because we care for the staircases made by us.

Oak or Pine? Wooden or Metal? How about tiled and glowing. We have quite a hand full of tricks under our sleeves. You can choose from special tiles for a sophisticated touch. An abundance of options can be a little puzzling. Besides, various materials are more suited to various different styles. We will guide you in such circumstances. You can check our gallery of staircases for reference. Contact us for a more personised service. We will examine your idea and make befitting suggestions


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Are you planning to replace your old staircase? Or, are you looking for a staircase for a new house in the making? You might wonder how the choice differs. In a new house, you have more freedom to choose where the staircase will be. You can look into different designs and sizes as well. But, to replace the staircase, you have to pertain to the limitation of space, consequentially there would be some styles that might not fit or blend in with your interior. We will help you plan in either scenario. We know how to bring in an impressive staircase within limitations or without. Small changes in measurement often require us to rethink the entire design. But, with expert builders and designers on the job, the issues are solved in a jiffy.

From the idea to designing and finally to the installation is a series of stressful processes. Our business hours are usual but our bespoke designer, when assigned to your project, will avail you anytime for a change of mind. We know how the emphasis that you would put on the designing before we get to work. That is why we make sure that our designers work closely with you in every step.

We have accomplished numerous projects and collected a substantial amount of data. All the data is quantified and handed over to the relevant employees so that they study them and make individual reports. The reports are then compiled and transcribed into the form of a case study of the distinctive designs. Our findings are then summarized into a progression of procedures and made available on the website. That way, we can help you learn about the process of our work. We are delighted when you are informed.


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