Cut Stringer Staircases

Starting From: £23,999

Customisable Features

  • Balustrades Materials
  • Additional Balustrades
  • Staircase Materials
  • Number of Treads
  • Steps and Stringers
  • Connective Risers
  • Colours and Shades
  • Handrails

Opposite to the full stringer staircase, cut stringers are relatively bare in design. While the treads are visible from the side, the balustrades are set directly on the steps supporting the handrails. However, Cut stringer staircases are also called open stair stringers due to their appearance.

Relatively new in style, this staircase stands tall gloriously in any entranceway. It enures visual sophistication and adds aesthetic appeal to the house along with convenience in use. Whether you want to install it in your domestic space or corporate offices, it will undoubtedly add that breezy feel you crave. But as the design flows, it requires a more refined approach to achieve the detail it deserves. Consequently, Cut Stringer staircases demand a bigger budget and time allocation.

Our trained and experienced staircase engineers have developed a convenient process to make your journey towards a premium staircase as smooth as possible. With years of hands-on experience in designing and building bespoke staircases in London, our process ensures you get a high-quality staircase designed at the most affordable price. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your dream project with us.

Our Portfolio

Our bespoke staircases are composed of the finest materials from trustworthy sources where we ourselves speculate the making. The staircases are finetuned to the tiniest details with the customers’ needs kept in mind. We have all sorts of staircases displayed in our itinerary, from traditional full and cut stringer staircases to state-of-the-art floating and central spine staircases. We have designed our staircases with creative intelligence and measuring perfection, ensuring the stairs are perfect each time.

Additional Data

Lengths of 1 meter for 3 steps and 1.6 meters for 5 steps are available.
Has a 48mm depth and a 260mm height.
Minimum width 38 mm.
To a standard of 35 degrees of pitch ( from top to bottom).