Floating Staircases

Starting From: £9,990

Customisable Features

  • Cantilever Steps
  • Balustrades Materials
  • Additional Balustrades
  • Staircase Materials
  • Number of Treads
  • Colours and Shades
  • Handrails

Floating staircase is the modernist addition to any home or office. Ideal for modern and new build homes, our floating staircase design and installation service will elevate the aesthetics appeal of the property.

The design of the floating staircase hides the supporting structure, giving an impression that the steps are floating like some magical illusion. However, you can customise the appearance and install glass, cable, or even handrails to make it handy as per your convenience. But the floating image is best revealed with a glass design.
At Ovoms, we design modern, customised, and elegant floating staircase ready to be used indoor and outdoor. Turn your property into an architectural gem with our bespoke staircase designing service.

To reinforce your interior design, do not hesitate to contact us to get an instant quote or receive a copy of our brochure.

Our Portfolio

Our bespoke staircases are composed of the finest materials from trustworthy sources where we ourselves speculate the making. The staircases are finetuned to the tiniest details with the customers’ needs kept in mind. We have all sorts of staircases displayed in our itinerary, from traditional full and cut stringer staircases to state-of-the-art floating and central spine staircases. We have designed our staircases with creative intelligence and measuring perfection, ensuring the stairs are perfect each time.

Tread Colour

Black, Brown, Grey, White

Additional Data

Each tread holds at least 300 pounds of weight.
15 treads for 8 feet floor-to-floor distance.
Treads at least 3.5 inches thick.
Each stair has a maximum rise of 220 millimetres and a minimum rise of 150 millimetres.
Each nose-to-nose step must be at least 220mm and no more than 300mm in width.