Full Stringer staircases

Starting From: £11,499

Customisable Features

  • Balustrades Materials
  • Additional Balustrades
  • Staircase Materials
  • Number of Treads
  • Steps and Stringers
  • Connective Risers
  • Colours and Shades
  • Handrails

Even though a Full Stringer staircase is not considered a high-end feature design, it adds aesthetic value to the home or office spaces. It is also known as a closed stringer, routed, houses, box, and side stringer staircase. 

Structurally, the stringer is placed outside the risers and treads while being held between two stringers. So, the viewers cannot see the edge of the treads and often features notches. The greatest feature that a Full Stringer staircase offers is the convenience of use despite the spaces. You can add this to any palace. Be it for your homes or office spaces, a well-structured and carefully engineered staircase designing can scale up the aesthetic value your property deserves. However, this type of staircase is a great fit for outdoor space and can be customised for desired looks and need.

Besides, it is less expensive than most other forms of staircase design and basic in functionality. Even you can buy ready-made staircases and tailor them according to your preference.

Our Portfolio

Our bespoke staircases are composed of the finest materials from trustworthy sources where we ourselves speculate the making. The staircases are finetuned to the tiniest details with the customers’ needs kept in mind. We have all sorts of staircases displayed in our itinerary, from traditional full and cut stringer staircases to state-of-the-art floating and central spine staircases. We have designed our staircases with creative intelligence and measuring perfection, ensuring the stairs are perfect each time.

Additional Data

The height of each tread is 6 ⅞ inches.
Typically, the stringers are spruce-pine-fir (SPF) or LVL boards.
They measure 2 by 10 or 2 by 12 inches in size.
Can bear at least 300 pounds of load.
Metal, wood, and glass treads are available.