Zig Zag Staircases

Starting From: £11,990

Customisable Features

  • Balustrades Materials
  • Additional Balustrades
  • Connective Risers
  • Side Fixing
  • Staircase Materials
  • Steps
  • Number of Treads
  • Colours and Shades
  • Handrails

From designing a zigzag staircase model to finally fitting it into your property, the skilled engineers at Ovoms can ensure excellence at every step. Planning to renovate your house and add a custom-made zigzag staircase connecting the floors, rest assured, we will make it as unique as you can imagine while adding convenience to you and your family. 

We are dedicated to building zig zag staircases both for domestic and commercial spaces. Our premium designers deploy the most advanced technique while using manual handcrafts to put your personalised on it. So, despite the design complexity, you feel a close connection with the staircase we make for you. 

Our zig zag staircase design service is affordable. As we use the finest material to design any staircases, rest assured, it will sustain longer than you can imagine. And in some cases, it might outlive you, standing tall and benefitting your family members for generations. 

Contact us today for any zig zag stair construction services. Be it a wooden, metal-made, or glass designed staircase, Ovoms is the ultimate destination for all things about modern staircase building in London.

Our Portfolio

Our bespoke staircases are composed of the finest materials from trustworthy sources where we ourselves speculate the making. The staircases are finetuned to the tiniest details with the customers’ needs kept in mind. We have all sorts of staircases displayed in our itinerary, from traditional full and cut stringer staircases to state-of-the-art floating and central spine staircases. We have designed our staircases with creative intelligence and measuring perfection, ensuring the stairs are perfect each time.

Tread Colour

Black, Brown, Grey, White


It can be a hidden steel stringer.
Treads may be made of beech, walnut or oak.
Treads may be 40 or 50 mm thick.
Glass treads available.
Wrought iron, wood or glass balustrade.