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Ovoms is one of the leading bespoke staircase manufacturers in Berkshire. We offer modern staircase designers exclusively for our invaluable customers with luxurious customisation options. You can customise your staircase according to your taste & requirements. We will allow you full access to your staircases design & let you put your personal footprints on the design.

We believe that the best way to please our customers is by satisfying their needs. And to accomplish that, we work shoulder to shoulder with our customers & find out what is it that makes their hearts flatter. Then, we integrate that thing into our staircase design and turn it into something magical.

To take a chance with us, call us at 02036 673330 or contact us & tell us what it is that your heart desires.

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In-House Modern Staircase Designer Berkshire

Our designer staircases are crafted beautifully by our in-house designers who are the best at their jobs. They have designed numerous staircases and are experts in the field. They use their skills & expertise in the best possible way & ensure that our clients get exactly what they asked for.

The whole point of bespoke staircases UK is that they should meet the requirements of the clients. Our in-house staircase designers ensure that your staircases are made of high-quality materials and installed with detailed perfection.

To inquire more about our specialists, contact us or call us at 02036 673330

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Staircase Designer Berkshire

The OVOMS Services

Fine Craftsmanship & Brilliant Customer Service Berkshire

We build staircases according to the place (home or commercial-we do both), extent of the space, child or elderly needs requirement (if there is any), your personal taste and recommendation, and finally, your budget. We use the highest quality materials to build your staircase and precise measurement is taken by our experts to make the staircase fit your space perfectly. The finesse of our craftsmanship will surely leave you astounded and meet your needs.

Our customer service personnel are very friendly and ready to assist you 24/7. You can contact us any time of the day with your queries or problems and we will be happy to help you.

To learn more about our staircase details, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02036 673330

Experienced Experts Berkshire

Our experienced in-house designers are experts in bespoke staircase designs. They can take any design and customise it according to your needs. Need a zig zag staircase with wooden balustrades? They can do it. Confused between centre-spine staircase & cut-stringer staircase? They will give their expert opinion on which will suit your space better. They can use any material to build your staircase. All you need to do is ask. Our in-house designers will design the perfect staircase for your space no matter the shape, size, and build.

To get in touch with the experts, give us a call at 02036 673330 or contact us on our website.

Variety Of Designs To Choose From Berkshire

We cover all types of staircases. For spacious places, we recommend our luxurious curved or spiral staircases. And for limited spaces, we have special custom-made designs that fit the area perfectly. We ensure the best-looking staircase in your budget. Our creativity flourishes in the most extravagant staircases, when we can build something that will last for ages.

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Dependable, Efficient & Friendly Staircase Designer Berkshire

We build and install custom-made staircases with utmost care & precision. Our finished staircases are proof of our efficiency. We handle our clients with the most respect & friendliness. We believe in collaborative work & achieving the goal together. We follow our client’s instructions and create innovative designs for them.

Our efficiency is well-recognized & applauded by our previous clients as they have all given great reviews after we completed their staircases. If you wish to join our list of valuable customers, contact us or directly call us at 02036 673330

High-Quality Staircases In Reasonable Price Range Berkshire

Ovoms offers the best quality staircases with robust engineering and premium materials in very affordable price ranges. Our bespoke prices start from only £6,999 and can reach up to  £50,000-it all depends on what you want. When you give us a message with your queries, we will ask you about the price range and give you a parable cost estimate of the whole process so that it becomes easier for you to budget your desired staircase.

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