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Build Breathtaking, Bespoke Staircases in Banbury

Banbury is where the serenity lies, with spots of nature’s beauty strewn throughout the place. Ideally, when someone wants to build stairs Banbury, our suggestion is to go for modern staircase designs. That’s because most houses are designed with a stunning traditional plan in mind.

OVOMS has been providing customers in Banbury with staircases they love because we believe that all homeowners should live in a house they are fond of. Staircases are no different. For years, we have created stairs with a wide range of materials and finishes.

There is a reason why OVOMS is a trusted source for stairs, and our work will show you why. Reach out to us today to get started on building your stairs.

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Staircases Banbury

Designers You Can Trust

Hundreds in the UK alone either suffer from severe injuries or die from falling down the stairs, and staircase safety begins with design. Keeping that in mind, our team of expert staircase designers draw a blueprint that smoothly synchronises safety with the aesthetics of the plan.

OVOMS only houses designers accredited with recognised programs and licences so that you can get a staircase that’s both safe to climb and appealing to look at. From the first point of contact to dealing with the finalisation of the design, at OVOMS, our designers are working diligently to design the best of contemporary, modern and traditional staircase designs.

If you’re in Banbury and looking for stairs Banbury design for your home, contact our team today, and our specialist designers will be talking to you in no time.

The OVOMS Experience

What is the OVOMS experience like?

The OVOMS experience, as we like to call it, is the journey of building a majestic staircase in your home. After you contact us, we will pay an initial visit to your property to further discuss. Using 3D rendering software, we make a blueprint of what your stair may look like. If you like what we present to you, we give you a date estimation of when it might be finished. Further along the line, we provide the installation of the stairs Banbury!

Although words can barely explain what it feels like for us to be working for you, we would like to say that building staircases is what we love and do best. Not only will you get a bespoke staircase for your home, but you will be forging a relationship with a company that will provide you service for years to come.

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Showcasing Our Knowledge Through Craftsmanship

For years, staircases were used merely as a means of transport from a public space to a more private one. But that was in the late 15th century. Now, we can safely say that Michaelangelo changed how we perceive stairs. He was the first to introduce stairs as an art form, setting the idea that stairs can be an entirely different aesthetic.

That’s what we follow now: we build staircases not just for the sake of climbing to the second level but for longevity and aesthetics as well. For those who have experienced our craftsmanship firsthand, their staircases are now one of the many architectural designs in their home that they’re proud of.

We make your dream staircases come true with our designs and expert craftsmanship. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started designing your dream staircase!

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We Believe in Collaborative Work

OVOMS has been building staircases for years now, and all of that credit goes to our hardworking team and clients who collaborated to create something unique. It’s due to your relentless dedication to making your home a better and safer place to live that we can continuously build stunning staircases Banbury.

Our clients trust us to build them staircases for the flexibility we offer. The idea for your modern staircase design comes from you, and we only execute it using the finest materials.

For any staircase design and installation service in Banbury, contact us! No matter what the structure size is, modern or contemporary, we’ll help you build it at an affordable price.

We Build Staircases Using The Finest Materials

3D rendering is only the start of our fantastic staircase design and installation service. Using specialised equipment, we help build stairs that are safe and great to look at. We use the finest materials for wood, glass, metal, and occasionally marble.

However, as you are looking for stairs installation services in Banbury, modern staircases are more fit to match the surroundings outside. Modern staircases built from scratch are mostly made from wood where different textures and details are incorporated according to the customer’s needs. Then again, if you have a contemporary home, you can contact us, and we’ll discuss it further.

We Hold No Limit

The grander the staircases, the more fun we have designing them. From zigzag staircases to floating ones, we do it all:

If you want any of these staircases in your home, all you need to do is call us on 020 3667 3330 or email us at

Contact Us With Confidence

A staircase can have a powerful impact on how houses can look. For example, if you plan to build a home with a contemporary space, then a floating or premium staircase may be more suited for your house. People also have a psychological effect when they see an impressive staircase that radiates the owner’s style and preference in architecture. We help bring out that individual character in each step of your staircase.

OVOMS is a household name when it comes to staircase designing and installation. Staircase installation and design is not an easy job, and it requires professional work that’s backed up by experience. If you’re looking for a team, who will relentlessly work to build you your dream staircase, contact us today!