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Floating staircase is the modernist addition to any home or office. Ideal for modern and new build homes, our floating staircase design and installation service will elevate the aesthetics appeal of the property.

The design of the floating staircase hides the supporting structure, giving an impression that the steps are floating like some magical illusion. However, you can customise the appearance and install glass, cable, or even handrails to make it handy as per your convenience. But the floating image is best revealed with a glass design.

At Ovoms, we design modern, customised, and elegant floating staircase ready to be used indoor and outdoor. Turn your property into an architectural gem with our bespoke staircase designing service.

Floating Staircases London

Starting From £7,300

From designing a zigzag staircase model to finally fitting it into your property, the skilled engineers at Ovoms can ensure excellence at every step. Planning to renovate your house and add a custom-made zigzag staircase connecting the floors, rest assured, we will make it as unique as you can imagine while adding convenience to you and your family.

We are dedicated to building zig zag staircases both for domestic and commercial spaces. Our premium designers deploy the most advanced technique while using manual handcrafts to put your personalised stamp on it. So, despite the design complexity, you feel a close connection with the staircase we make for you.
Our zig zag staircase design service is affordable. As we use the finest material to design any staircases, rest assured, it will sustain longer than you can imagine. And in some cases, it might outlive you, standing tall and benefitting your family members for generations.

Contact us today for any zig zag stair construction services. Be it a wooden, metal-made, or glass designed staircase, Ovoms is the ultimate destination for all things about modern staircase building in London.

Cut Stringer Staircases in Ovoms

Starting From £7,900

Centre Spine staircases are the latest addition to any modern homes. Enriched with a versatile look, it enhances the appeal of any space— home or office. The Centre Spine staircase design upholds contemporary aesthetics and is becoming very popular in new build homes. 

Inspired by the floating style staircase design, this staircase can be a significant addition to your entranceway. Besides, the striking look can elevate the property’s value to multiple levels. You can customise it with various materials and outlooks. Hence, you are highly recommended to install one in your home if you have adequate space available. From woods to Corian and stones, you can use any of them to customise the staircase. On top of that, variations in balustrade usage, e.g. steel and glass, can make it more unique and personalised to your home style.   

Whether you want to upgrade your old staircase to a bespoke Centre Spine staircase or want to have it installed first-hand, do not hesitate to contact us. We design and install elegant staircases with 100% perfection. Our custom staircase engineers can keep the design minimal yet striking, ensuring it fulfils the eyes of the beholder.

Centre Spine Stariease

Starting From £7,100

Opposite to the full stringer staircase, cut stringers are relatively bare in design. While the treads are visible from the side, the balustrades are set directly on the steps supporting the handrails. However, Cut stringer staircases are also called open stair stringers due to their appearance. 

Relatively new in style, this staircase stands tall gloriously in any entranceway. It enures visual sophistication and adds aesthetic appeal to the house along with convenience in use. Whether you want to install it in your domestic space or corporate offices, it will undoubtedly add that breezy feel you crave. But as the design flows, it requires a more refined approach to achieve the detail it deserves. Consequently, Cut Stringer staircases demand a bigger budget and time allocation. 

Our trained and experienced staircase engineers have developed a convenient process to make your journey towards a premium staircase as smooth as possible. With years of hands-on experience in designing and building bespoke staircases in London, our process ensures you get a high-quality staircase designed at the most affordable price. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your dream project with us.

Cut Stringer Staircases in ovoms

Starting From £7,050

Even though a Full Stringer staircase is not considered a high-end feature design, it adds aesthetic value to the home or office spaces. It is also known as a closed stringer, routed, houses, box, and side stringer staircase. 

Structurally, the stringer is placed outside the risers and treads while being held between two stringers. So, the viewers cannot see the edge of the treads and often features notches. The greatest feature that a Full Stringer staircase offers is the convenience of use despite the spaces. You can add this to any palace. Be it for your homes or office spaces, a well-structured and carefully engineered staircase designing can scale up the aesthetic value your property deserves. However, this type of staircase is a great fit for outdoor space and can be customised for desired looks and need.

Besides, it is less expensive than most other forms of staircase design and basic in functionality. Even you can buy ready-made staircases and tailor them according to your preference.

Full Staircases

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