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How To Design Bannisters With Modern Staircase Ideas UK?

modern staircase ideas uk

Designing your staircases feels nothing short of an exciting project. However, it’s the little details on your staircases that brings the structure together. For example, if you’re looking for modern staircase ideas UK that can bring a change to your staircase bannisters, then this blog is for you. 

Bannisters are an important aspect that requires a considerable amount of attention as they act as a support structure. They not only provide safety for people when they’re climbing the stairs, but they also add a certain aesthetic to the stairs. In the UK alone, around 10,000 people suffer from head injuries by tumbling down the stairs and a 1000 die from it. 

By providing a supporting rail alongside your stairs, you’re helping prevent severe injuries and potential death from taking place. However, we’re going to focus more on the decor part of designing a bannister. 

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Modern Staircase Ideas UK That Can Transform The Way Your Staircases Look

Modern Staircase Ideas

Glass Railing


If you have a home that accentuates whites and browns, you may consider adding glass railings to your house. It provides a clear view of the stairs and adds an item of interest to the space. 

You can choose to have the glazing at either one side by the steel posts, and adding the wooden handrails can really complement the bannister well. They are warm-toned, and if you have a zigzag pattern of timber treads and risers, it might be just the right aesthetic you’re looking for. 

Mirroring The Walls


It’s precisely what it is! If you’re not too keen to use the same material as the wall, you can also use the same shade for a pleasing balance. For example, if your wall has wooden cladding, your staircase balustrades can replicate the wood and recreate the spindles! 

Keep the lighting in mind to help showcase the modern staircase design! 

Create a Sense of Balance


It isn’t unusual for homeowners to add a concealed cupboard or bookshelf underneath the stairs to utilise the space. But, we’ve seen many homeowners mismatch the colours or layout, which completely throws the balance off. For example, the materials you use to design your staircase can build whatever you want underneath. Using the same colour also helps! 

Try Out Different Shapes


Do you know when a staircase designer has the most fun? 一when they’re dealing with shapes! 

You can use a turned-wood spindle design to shape flat bannister posts if you want to play around with shapes. If you have wall panels, then it’s bound to look great! 

A Tweak in the Traditional


If you’re moving into an old house that’s been around for ages, you’ll notice how “homely” the stairs look right away. However, there is a way to change the aesthetic. You can contrast the white balustrade with a jet black bannister for a modern, chic look. The colour scheme will look sharp and slightly tweaked to the classic staircase design. 

Keep it Minimalistic


Modern staircase ideas UK doesn’t always have to be traditional designer staircases. If you have a modern kitchen that mostly has geometrical shapes and has a sleek white and green colour palette, then you can design your staircases just like that. You can add slim, moss-coloured metal balustrades and handrails to make it look more elegant. And, you can never go wrong with “overdoing” a bannister. 

However, have you thought about how staircase designers are planning modern staircase ideas today?

A Shift in Modern Staircase Ideas In The UK


Modern Staircase Ideas in UK

Like every design in history, modern staircases ideas UK has evolved. People have felt the impact of the pandemic worldwide, and those in the UK aren’t any different. Shops have closed down, and new businesses have emerged. On the other hand, the real estate industry is going crazy due to many people applying to buy new houses. 

With those new houses are coming staircases that most homeowners aren’t really into. But, that was 2021. Now that 2022 is here, we’re noticing a shift in the want designers are thinking about premium modern staircase ideas. 

For all good reasons, there is a steady spike towards metal staircases in residential and commercial properties. Metal staircases are durable, strong and built to last. The material is not only highly functional but they’re also resistant to sudden temperature changes. 

Helical staircase


A stunning model of the DNA can be visualised with this type of modern staircase design. The structure is made to lead a person from one level to another through a circular rotation. The stairs are curved as if two different strands are twisting around one another. 

A helical staircase is one of the few modern staircase ideas that is space-efficient, economical and customisable. However, there are some set designs. For example, there is an open spiral staircase with a minimalistic and open feel. If a room has limited space, then an open spiral staircase can help the area look bigger than it is. They also add geometry to open, stark white spaces. 

Cantilever Floating Staircases


This modern staircase design idea is infamously called the “floating” staircase. Cantilever floating staircases are made to look like the stairs are floating in the air without any support. However, the design itself is an intelligent one. It takes both the engineer and the architect to work carefully to pull off this modern staircase design. 

This staircase design has many variations for homeowners to choose from: hidden cantilever stair stringer and fully exposed exterior cantilever staircase, among others. 

Decorating Modern Staircase Designs UK:


Decorating Modern Staircase

Now that you have some ideas on designing your staircases, here are some ways to decorate and utilise your staircase space!

Place Patterns on the Stairs


Imagine yourself entering a home, and the first thing that catches your eye is the pattern on the stairs. Maybe they’re floral, or perhaps the stairs have hand-painted tiles on them. Something about those stairs is enjoyable and amusing to your eyes. In short, now you are left with an inspiring impression on your mind. 

Wouldn’t you want someone else to feel that way? 

If you do, then adding patterns to your staircases, especially on high-traffic areas, will be a great idea. 

Be Bold With Colour


There’s a reason why design purists came up with terms like modern and contemporary in architecture. Modern designs demand colour variations, whereas contemporary designs have a much stricter colour scheme within the monochrome colour wheel. 

As we are dealing with modern staircase ideas, we should use colours to make a statement. However, we have to be mindful to keep the structure or the space balance. 

For example, if your walls are painted soft blue, you can echo that colour on the stair carpet. If done well, then it can create a balanced visual. 

Dress Your Staircase Well


The idea of adding a staircase carpet already rushed through, didn’t it? Well, we also want you to add stair rods to the list. It’s an easy-to-fit option that can be added at any point if you have a stair carpet already in place. The stair rods are just a finishing touch to the already perfect staircase. 

Make Your Staircase Dramatic


One of the most liked modern staircase ideas UK is painting your staircase if it’s woodwork, black or charcoal grey. This colour provides a fresh and elegant contrast to the white, navy blue or emerald green walls. Add a staircase carpet with a pop of colour and hang pendant lighting from the double-height ceiling. 

Decorate Your Stairway


The stairway is the perfect spot to place a gallery wall. Most people choose to keep a specific theme. However, that alone doesn’t help create an ambience of the space. There are some decor ideas that you can use according to your preference:

  • Same frames, different sizes, different photos

If you have a collection of pictures with variations, i.e. black and white, candid moments, pets, or portraits- then arranging them in the same sort of frames will help them feel more coherent. 

  • Different frames, same size, a specific theme

If you don’t feel like putting up the exact sizes of frames, then choosing a specific theme might help. For example, all images can be black and white instead of having different colour schemes. 

  • Same frames, exact sizes, same photos

In this case, you can frame wall art instead of actual pictures of your family, friends or pets. That’s because having the same frames with similar artwork will provide the perspective of crisp, clean lines. 

How About Utilising That Empty Space Under The Stairs?


There are endless discussions between family members about who can turn the space under the stairs into which. Some want to turn it into wine cabinetry, while others may want to turn it into a bookshelf. However, there are ways to repurpose modern staircase ideas UK! Let’s discuss those ideas. But do not forget to check the building regulation to avoid penalty. 

Hiding Away The Chunky Appliances


Bulky appliances like the washing machine can take up valuable space in your kitchen. Homeowners with limited space in their apartments face difficulty fitting them in their kitchen spaces, so they often place them in guest bedrooms. It might look weird to people visiting your home, wouldn’t it? 

Some wiring, an electric socket, and a concealed cupboard underneath the stairs can help you solve the problem without making your home look clustered. 

Make it a Seating Spot


Seating spots are the best if you have a hallway that leads to the kitchen, right beside the staircase. With a simple bench and a few shelves, your under-stairs space can become the ultimate entertainment den for anyone who wants to rest for some time. Maybe someone who has been cooking for very long can relax on the soft mattress while the stew is bubbling up. 

A Coat Cupboard?


Oh, how unique this idea is! It’s the perfect solution for those who don’t like keeping their shoes, coats and scarves at different house locations. Then again, this “storage” solution is being practised traditionally. However, it’s seen that most people tend to use different storage racks for other things, which can make it difficult for people to browse through when they’re in a hurry. 

Using an all-in-one sophisticated storage system can help organise everything you need before going outside. This can be especially useful if it’s a small space.

How About A Place For Your Pets?


Anyone who has an old pet in their household will understand the pet’s need to be all by themselves. You can build a small bed, equipped with some drawers for toys and treats, for your pets. They can also come and climb on the bed to dry off after they come home from walking outside. 

Use it for Kitchen Appliances


Although subterranean kitchens aren’t popular in the UK, there are some, and for those who have to work there, you know that the stairs can be a nightmare. There are no fuse sockets for kitchen appliances and not enough space to turn them into a usable workshop. 

With proper wiring and electric socket installations, the space under the stairs can be a lifesaver: you can place all the bulky kitchen appliances there. Now, you’ll be able to utilise the kitchen space more. 

A Kitchen Pantry


Have a big family to care for, and the cupboard space isn’t enough? Get rid of the cupboard altogether and bring in the shelves! With a bit of DIY, the area under the stairs will soon become a supermarket. 

The Perfect Living Room Storage


Planning a living room storage design under the stairs can be tricky to pull off. However, if you’re clever enough to utilise the space properly, you’ll never have to trip over another pair of shoes or get water all over the place when you’re trying to close an umbrella. Here’s an idea: a seating area with shelves on top to hold all the coats and smaller basket compartments for easy access.   

Final Words


We agree that this blog may have included a little bit more information than you initially needed about modern staircase ideas UK. However, if you came out reading this blog with some new ideas, that’s amazing! If you’re looking for more tips & tricks on staircases, make sure to read our other blogs

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