Best Staircase Designs For Homes

best staircase designs for homes

If you’ve determined to redo your house, you may have many thoughts regarding the kitchen and bedroom decorations. But there’s a vital area you’re possibly forgetting among all your interior plans, which is the staircase. 

In many houses, you see a staircase when you enter the home. Just imagine a modern grey staircase in your entrance, and you’ll know why it’s important. Make sure it’s a sight to watch.

Here are the best staircase designs for homes that will fill you with inspiration. No matter which style you prefer, there’s a plan for every style that’s excellent for your tastes and budget.

Best Staircase Designs For Homes


A well-decorated galleried staircase looks stunning at a family home where the residents exhibit family photos and artefacts collected over the years for the guests. As there are numerous staircase design ideas, you can certainly find one that suits your home as well.

Regardless of different shapes and sizes, you can accommodate a bespoke staircase into all types of properties. The materials you can use to create staircases are wood, glass, metal, or marble.

Furthermore, there are various staircase designs and styles you can pick from. Here, we will discuss six designs of staircases.

Floating Staircases


Floating staircases are very popular nowadays for their modern, sleek look. They are also known as cantilevers or suspended staircases. Thanks to their light and delicate style, they hold a special place among Interior Designers and Architects.

Despite their minimalistic design, the floating designs have many manoeuvres involved in the site layout, manufacture, and installation.

Finished staircases appear to “seamlessly float” in the air. But in reality, they have a robust support system. The unique feeling of floating in the air makes people desire them so much.

Floating staircases are appropriate for both residences and office areas. Their ingenious design gives an elegant touch to the overall design of your house. We design bespoke floating staircases according to your budget and convenience.

Prices start from £6,999.

Zig-zag Staircases


Zig-zag Staircase derives from the zigzag lines formed by the series of treads, stringers, and risers. These simple lines and stylish patterns flawlessly complement any modern house or office environment.

The minimalistic structure of the zig-zag staircase improves the feel of the space and becomes a central point of the room.

Our staircase designers incorporate diverse materials into the zig-zag staircase design. Timber treads next to glass balustrades deliver a smart modern solution.

Zig-zag staircases look better in houses with children, giving off a comfy feeling. They are also structurally safe for children because of their closed risers.

You can design the zig-zag stairs to match all traditional, modern, or contemporary interior styles.

Prices start from £7,300.

Centre-spine Staircases


Centre-spine staircases are one of the best staircase designs for homes. They are a unique and versatile addition to modern and contemporary homes. They are a great way to welcome guests to your home as they look great at the entranceway. 

Staircase designers can build centre-spine staircases using a variety of materials. They look spectacular in both residential and office spaces. 

These stairs are earning popularity because of their dazzling look. A wide range of materials can create these staircases, such as wood, stone, Corian, and many more. You can combine these materials with a range of balustrades like glass and steel.

The latest central spine staircases are made of wood, enhancing their beauty. They upstage the previous heavy designs that obstruct the wood and divert the gaze from the beauty of the materials and designs of the stairs.

Prices start from £7,900.

Cut-stringer Staircases


You can form Cut stringer staircases by cutting the stringers to let the treads sit on the string and then put the spindles on the tread.

They are also available without ornamental brackets. Like a standard staircase, you need to plaster them underneath as glue blocks during the construction.

This style is recognised for its floating stairs and has an airy feeling. They are visually appealing and calming. Therefore, they demand a comparatively large amount of cash and time to build.

Prices start from £7,100. 

Full-stringer Staircases


The standing support board or structural component that runs alongside or in the middle of the staircase is called a stringer. It is positioned outside the treads and risers to contain the stairs between the two stringers. Staircase designers refer to full-stringers as routed, side, housed, and box stringers. 

Full stringer staircases feature notches where you can insert the treads and risers.

You can also install a full-stringer staircase anywhere as it requires little space. It is convenient for all house and commercial spaces.

They are comparably bare in design, making them less expensive and easier to install. Also, you can directly buy full-stringer staircases and customise them later as per your taste. You can easily turn them into modern double staircases.

Prices start from £7,050.

Premium Staircases


We’re very careful about our client’s needs and attempt to meet them to the best of our capabilities. Our skilled engineers understand how to utilise your area in the best way possible. They create and establish bespoke premium staircases as per your demand.

It is among the best contemporary staircase ideas for most modern houses. Premium bespoke staircases are highly exclusive staircases made of heavy-weight imported materials. These staircases make your house look like a palace.

Premium staircases stay forever because they are structurally strong. Our expert engineers will build them as per your property type, size and area.



These are the best staircase designs for homes. I hope you implement this learning into action and let us know if this article benefited you.

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