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Different Types Of Staircase Design For Luxurious Properties

different types of staircase design

Imagine a stunning new staircase lighting up your entranceway. Nowadays, installing a bespoke staircase in your home or office has become more accessible. All you have to do is to make up your mind and fix a budget for the purpose. There are different types of staircase design to choose from.

Building a new customised staircase will cost you a significant amount of money, but it will be worth it. A brand new staircase will give your house a makeover, and we promise that you’ll love it.

At Ovoms, we specialise in the best stairs designs including bespoke staircases around London. Both modern and contemporary houses can use bespoke staircases to enhance their aesthetics and showcase their aristocracy.

Different Types Of Staircase Design We’re Offering




We offer a wide range of stairs that works with most type of stairs in house.

  • If you live near London, Just give us a call at tel:02036673330, and we’ll be at your doorstep.
  • We offer fully customised new staircase design and installation
  • Not only new staircases, but we also disassemble old staircases and install new ones
  • We have an expert team of professionals ready at your service any time of the day. They can design any type of staircase according to your budget and requirements, from simple to complex.
  • We produce computer-generated 3D rendition models to convert your dream into reality and show you what we’re capable of.
  • We ensure elegance and comfort with your personal touch.

Our expert artisans will exceed your expectations by delivering you an excellent staircase that fits your home or office space well.

Let’s Talk About Our Work Process


First, we gather data and photos of the area you want to install the staircases and then decide which type of design fits the space. We like to research first and design later.

Our expert team of builders will measure your space with precision and let you know exactly how much material we’re going to use. Also, they’ll calculate the overall cost of the materials and installation process. They’ll discuss the budget with you extensively to customise the staircases according to your needs and requirements.

We believe in transparency. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. With a detail-oriented team of engineers, we work relentlessly towards your satisfaction.

Our New Stairs Designs


 New Stairs Designs

Bespoke staircases fit into all properties; regardless of shapes and sizes. You can use wood, metal, glass, or marble for your new staircases.

Also, there are different types of designs and styles you can choose from. We work with mainly six types of staircases.

1.Floating Staircases


Floating Staircases


Floating staircases are very popular nowadays for their modern, sleek look. Floating staircases give off a unique feeling of floating in the air. That’s why they are so desired.

We design bespoke floating staircases according to your budget and convenience. Floating staircases are suitable for both homes and offices. Their innovative design adds an elegant touch to the house’s overall design.

Prices start from £6,999.

2.Zig-zag Staircases


Zig-zag Staircases


Zig-zag stairs construction system gives a substantial and sturdy staircase. They look better in homes with children as they give off a cosy feeling. Also, structurally, It is very safe for children to use because of the closed risers system.

We can design the zig-zag stairs to match modern, contemporary, or classic interior design styles.

Prices start from £7,300.

3.Centre-spine Staircases


Centre-spine Staircases


Centre-spine staircases are a great way to welcome variations to your home. They look great at the entranceway. The floating staircases inspired them, so they also have a unique design.

This staircase can be built using a variety of materials. It looks spectacular in both houses and commercial spaces.

Prices start from £7,900.

4.Full-stringer Staircases


Full-stringer Staircases


You can install a full-stringer staircase anywhere as it demands very little space. Convenient to any home or office spaces, some also call it closed stringer or routed, houses, box, and side stringer staircase.

Full-stringer staircases are pretty basic in design which means they are less pricey and easier to install. Also, they can be bought ready-made and later customised according to your taste.

Prices start from £7,050.

5.Cut-stringer Staircases


Cut-stringer Staircases


Cut-stringer staircases are opposite to full-stringer staircases. They are comparatively bare in design and look more aesthetic than full-stringer staircases.

This style is famous for its floating-style stairs and has a breezy feel. It is visually attractive and soothing to look at. Hence, it demands a hefty amount of money and time to build and install.

Prices start from £7,100

6.Premium Staircases


Premium Staircases


Our experienced team of engineers know how to use your space in the best possible way. They design and install bespoke premium staircases according to the customer’s demand. We’re very particular about our client’s demands and try to fulfil them to the best of our abilities.

Premium staircases are high-end staircases made of imported or heavy-weight materials. You get the best of the best quality staircases, making you look like royalty. This is the best interior staircase design idea for most modern houses.

Premium staircases last forever. They are structurally robust. Our expert engineers build them according to your building’s look, type, and area size.

These are the most expensive staircase of the lot. Contact us for a free quote. We’ll make sure you have chosen the best from the different types of staircase designs.

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