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How Much Does A Staircase Cost In 2022?

A new staircase will definitely transform the overall look of your house. It will enhance beauty and bring elegance to your home.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading or renovating your staircase and wondering how much does a staircase cost, know that we’re here to help. We’ll discuss the new staircase cost UK in this article along with common issues property owners face during installation.

Besides, we’ll cover how much is a staircase according to materials, designs, and installation costs, factors affecting the prices of staircases, and rules and regulations regarding new staircases. 

You’ll also learn to find a suitable staircase designing and installation company in central London. So, let’s delve in.

How Much Does A Staircase Cost Based On The Materials?


Having a staircase replaced costs around £1,500 to £10,000 in the UK. The price includes building and installing the staircase structure in your home.

If you’re looking for a new bespoke staircase, you will need to spend somewhere between £10,000 to £50,000. The costs will vary considerably as bespoke staircases are specially made according to your taste. Discuss your new staircase project with a local tradesperson, and you can get accurate prices.

The average cost of a staircase is greatly affected by the different materials used. The material and the installation cost determine the total cost of a staircase. So let’s discuss how much does a new staircase cost UK by materials including:

Softwood Staircases


Softwood Staircases

Softwood is the most widely used material while building a staircase. “Pine” is commonly known as softwood. It’s the cheapest authentic wood material and looks great after being varnished. The price fluctuates between £20 to £40 per step.

Manufactured Board Staircases


Board Staircases


A manufactured board is the cheapest when it comes to staircase materials. Plywood and MDF board is typically used to produce the manufactured panels. These boards are used in modern houses. They remain almost out of sight as they are first painted and then covered in carpets. The speciality of these boards is that they do not split, twist or deform.

Red oak is the most popular hardwood. It is durable, high value for the price, and stunning. Not just Oak, there are other trees used in hardwood production. Hardwood is the most pricey of all the wooden materials. The trees used in the manufacturing process of hardwood are large, broad-leafed trees. They take years and years to grow and stand tall against wear and tear. They enhance the beauty of your staircases to a great deal after being varnished. Hardwood usually costs around £150 – £250/step.

Glass Staircases


Glass Staircases

Hardening glasses are used in bespoke staircases to create a modern, chic look. They enhance the overall look of your staircase and its materials, so the carpet is not used to cover it. Glass staircases are a bit pricey. The installation cost of glass staircases ranges from £3,000 – £6,000. However, you can replace the old railing with a new one and reduce the cost. Glass railing installation costs around £1,500 to £8,500.

Concrete Staircases


Concrete Staircases

Concrete staircases are used in public places, government offices, and apartment buildings. They are seldom used in households. The main advantage of concrete is that it is powerful, and therefore the steps can be as comprehensive as you want. Concrete can hold as many people as possible and endures weather exposure. That’s why it is excellent as an outdoor staircase material. Concrete stairs cost between £300 per step.

Metal Staircases


Metal Staircases

Spiralling metal staircases are an aesthetic addition to your home. Installing a metal staircase costs about £200 a step. But before that, you’ll need to demolish the previous staircase, and that’ll cost you some additional £1,000 to £2,000. The total installation cost will be somewhere between £4,500 – £6,500.

Stone Staircases


Stone Staircases

Stone is similar to concrete but used in more polished surroundings. Posh building staircases and advanced structures are made of stone. That’s why stone is priced higher, and it is found in the homes of people in higher positions. Marble is the most exclusive among all the rocks for staircases. Marble staircase prices are between £1,000 to £10,000.

Iron Staircases


Iron Staircases

Another widely used material for staircases is wrought or cast iron. It is solid, self-supportive, and used in making spiral staircases. Its attractive outlook is perfect in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Because it endures fire and weather extremities, it is often used in making fire escapes. The average cost for wrought iron interior staircases is around £2,600. The outdoor staircase costs £2000 to £3000.

Brick Staircases


Brick Staircases

Brick stairs are primarily used in outdoor exteriors. They can be found on educational institutions like school and university campuses and are less expensive than most other staircase materials. You can also use this material for your front doorsteps, as they look beautiful there. Brick steps installation cost varies from £2,500 to £3,500. But they often do not create the same appeal as wooden staircases do. 

How Much Does A Staircase Cost According To Designs?


When designing your staircase, remember that the more simple a staircase looks, the more complex it is to build. Most staircases are placed close to the front door, so you should plan how you can ensure that the natural light enters your home.

There is a range of designs for staircases in the market. Choose a design according to your needs and budget. Or you can order a bespoke design if your budget is more than £5,000.

Now, let’s dive into how much is a new staircase according to different styles and designs.

1. Floating Staircases


Floating Staircases

Floating staircases give the impression that the steps are floating like magic. Its striking and very modern design is popular nowadays. You can use this modern design for both home and office.

And for that reason, it comes at a premium price. The costs for these staircases start from  £6,999. The best contemporary staircases cost somewhere between £15k and £20k, but you can get a lower price if you plan cleverly.

2. Zig-zag Staircases


Zig-zag Staircases

Zig-zag staircases are known for their attractive design and modern outlook. The engineering involved in the zig-zag design is unique. It enables the staircase to self-support and the final result is stunning.

They are appropriate for both household and outdoor use. The price of the zig-zag staircases starts from  £11,000.

3. Centre Spine Staircases


Centre Spine Staircases

Floating staircases inspired the centre spine staircases. This staircase has a contemporary aesthetic design that attracts all. One big piece of wood supports the whole staircase like a spine does to a body. It can be a significant addition to your doorway.

If you want to upgrade your old staircase into a brand new centre spine staircase, the prices start from £7,900.

4. Cut-stringer Staircases


Cut-stringer Staircases

Cut-stringer or open stringer staircases are produced by cutting stringers so that you can put the treads on top of the strings. Stair stringers work as a backbone to the stairs. These are relatively simple in design.

It will bring an airy feeling for sure whether you install it in your home or office. It is visually sophisticated. If you want this at your home, you’ll require a bigger budget and a lot of time in your hands. The price for these staircases starts from £7,100. 

5. Full-stringer Staircases


Full-stringer Staircases

Full stringer staircases are primarily used in households. These are not high-end staircases, but they serve their purposes fully. They look aesthetic in outdoor space.

Full-stringer staircases are comparably less costly than the other staircases on our list. Their prices start from £7,050.

6. Premium Staircases


Premium Staircases

Premium staircases are high-end bespoke staircases for aristocrat clients with an unlimited budget and a very picky taste. These are the tailor-made staircases designed by the experts of the industry. Only high-end materials are used to build these staircases.

These staircases start from anywhere between £10,000 to £2,50,000+.

How Much Does A Staircase Cost According To Installation And Other Extra Costs?

The installation cost of your new staircase depends on three main factors.

Structure and Design

Installation cost mainly depends on the size and the complexity of the style of your staircase

Installation Related Expenses

Carpet fitters and labourers’ wages are included in the installation cost of your staircase. The price of the carpenter is £250/day and £200 for the labourer. The carpet fitter will take £150 per day.

Hiring Professionals

You may have to hire professionals to complete the job of designing and installing your new staircase. The job includes designing the stairs according to your demands, making 3D models of your staircase, estimating and budgeting the total amount of time and money it will cost you, and finally replacing your old staircase with a new one. 

Factors Affecting The Prices Of Staircases

A new staircase building and installing cost can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

1. Shape and size of the staircases
2. Quality of the materials
3. Design complexity
4. Location
5. Changing or altering the structure
6. Old staircase removal
7. Additional accessories

Rules And Regulations For New Staircases

There are specific building rules and regulations involving staircases. These guidelines are to make sure your home is safe and comfortable. Old staircase removals should also be considered, including minor details like handrails and balustrades.

If the replacement staircase is of the same dimension, you won’t face measurements problems.

You need to follow some rules and regulations if you aspire to upgrade or extend the building you’re living in.

  • Each step’s depth has to be 220mm.
  • Each step’s height must be between 190mm and 220mm.
  • Each step’s width has to be 850mm. (not compulsory)
  • Landing headroom has to be 200mm or 190mm.
  • Pitch of the flight of stairs must not exceed 42°.

You can also browse online for more details of the UK’s building regulations for staircases. If you hire professionals, they already know these guidelines.

Local authorities must be notified whenever you plan on renovating or making significant changes to your building’s staircase design. Their job is to review and permit the work. It may take £200 to pay for this service.

If you’re confused about the process, don’t hesitate to seek help from the local authority over the phone.


So, now you know how much does a staircase cost. Now you can start your staircase renovation project without any hesitation. Let us know if this article helped you. Thank you for reading.

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