How Much Does An Oak Staircase Cost?

How much does an oak staircase cost

Wooden staircases look stunning and add a warm feeling to your house. The most widely celebrated hardwood is Oak. We’ve done extensive research on oak stairs in order to give you an account of how much an oak staircase actually costs, including the installation.

So, how much does an oak staircase cost in total? Let’s discuss more on this topic. 

How Much Does an Oak Staircase Cost?


Hardwood stairs cost between £900 to £27,000, whereas an oak staircase price is around £3,500, including installation. The size and design of the stairs and the tread’s thickness can raise this price range, though.


How Much Does a Staircase Cost to Install?


On average, an interior staircase installation cost typically falls between £2,500 to £5,500. But expensive wood and intricate staircase designs cost higher than the average price. Red oak hardwood stairs with handrails cost around £3,500.


Why is Oak so Expensive?


Oak trees can grow in any climate. You might think it should make oak more available and less costly, but that isn’t what happens. Oak trees have a long life, and it takes them a more extended period to grow and be useable. Also, oak is the densest among all other hardwood, and they are challenging to work with, which makes them more valuable. 

Oak is the most exclusive of all available hardwoods. Its sturdiness and durability make it a distinguished and high-end material. The fineness of the quality of oak hardwood lasts for generations. 

The uniqueness of oak increases its value. You can see the veins running through the Quartersawn oak, and this is what makes it unique. These markings let oak keep its value over decades of use and ultimately increases the value of the particular piece. 

Oak has always been a symbol of quality and a benchmark for hardwood. If it is nicely worked and finished on, you can expect it to outlast all types of wood. Oak and glass staircase prices are high, but they add value to your house, and it makes their design and installation cost worth it. 

Can You Put Wooden Treads Over Already Existing Stairs?


Yes, It is very much possible to put wooden treads on already existing stairs. You can easily turn it into a DIY task if you’re good with tools. But if not, then call a proficient staircase company for a no-obligation quote.

In order to install wooden treads on your stairs, you must cut the wood precisely and fit it on the treads. Oak and all other hardwoods are pretty expensive, so don’t make any mistakes that cause the materials to waste. That’s why someone skilled must take the measurements and install the treads made of hardwood.


Can You Stain Pine To Resemble Oak?


Yes, wood can resemble oak if you stain it in oak colour.  Oak is the most expensive of all hardwoods and there are stains that are explicitly produced to imitate oak. If you want your stairs to look like oak but it is falling outside your budget, consider an oak stain as a viable choice to get your preferred hue. 

Wood stains give wood an appealing look. They provide a layer of protection over the wood and keep out all the moisture. Oak stains that quickly finish wood and dry are the best.


How To protect Oak Staircases


If you invest in an oak staircase, know that it will require extra protection techniques. You may use a wood varnish, oil or wax for your staircase’s maintenance. There are different features in all finishers. Let’s discuss them below.


Wood Varnish


Wood varnishes consist of polyurethane. It is the easiest to apply among all the other preservatives. You can brush it and apply the clear coat onto the stairs. They dry quickly, giving a strong and long lasting shine to your staircase.  


Wood Oil


One of the most regular preservatives for staircases is wood oil. The pores inside the wood soaks up the wood oil and keeps moisture out. It protects wood from rotting and warping, and allows it to gain strength. Wood oil lasts for years, so no frequent maintenance is necessary. 




You need to apply wood waxes only once. They provide waterproof protection for wood if you don’t peel. Use wax fumes carefully as they are very strong. Make sure that you use them only when there is no one around or if your home is airy and well ventilated.


To conclude, 


Wherever you wish to create and install an oak staircase, expect the overall cost to be at least £3,500. The price can fluctuate depending on the size of the staircase, how thick the treads are, and the design of the staircase. To get an overall estimate of the cost, call a professional staircase company. 

Now that you know how much does an oak staircase cost, invest in an oak staircase without hesitation as they are a great investment for their beauty and sturdiness.

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