How To Build Floating Staircase Outside? Top 12 Steps Solution

How to build floating Staircase outside

A floating staircase not just improves the outside view but also maximizes the living spaces. Floating Staircases are expensive, but you can save some dollars by building them yourself. How to build floating Staircase outside?

Prepare the stringer, attach top & bottom plates, and then attach tread brackets. Wire up the LED, lift up the stringer to the top, install the treads, and secure every tread with screwdrivers. Keep wiring and installation neat and simple.

After reading this blog, it would be easier for you to make a stunning floating staircase outside. Stay here and carefully read all the instructions till the end to become a master.

How to build floating Staircase? Step-by-Step Solution


Follow below simple instructions to install the floating staircase outside quickly.

Things you will need:

  • Stringer
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Pulley
  • Plastic brush
  • Pliers
  • Soft towel
  • Floating staircase assembly

Floating staircases by OVOMS are nice and stunning. They manufacture beautiful staircases that make your living spaces more appealing.

Step 1- Stringer Preparation


First, prepare the Stringer for the floating staircase.  You can purchase the steel stringer. What will you create? You will create a kind of a winch system up at the top so that you lift up into place quite easily.


Step 2- Installation Instructions


Read the installation instructions manual.  It will guide you about everything from the finished floor up to the subfloor. You will learn about stringer preparation, basic manufacturing, and everything to install the floating staircase.

Step 3- Attach the top plate & bottom plate


Take the bottom plate, place it in the bottom of the stringer and screw it by installing screws. Make sure you have fixed them properly using screwdrivers.

Step 4- Attach Tread brackets


Now take all the tread brackets and place them over the stringer. You will see ready holes for screwing the tread brackets. Once you have put all the tread brackets in their specific place, screw them. Then drill the holes in the middle of each tread bracket to run the wire through it. 


Step 5- Wire Prep


Prepare the wire; you can use any of the excellent quality wires. But before running it through the stringer holes, check the wire. It should be clean, and there should be no damage.

Step 6- Wire up for LED


Now wire it up, and run the wire through all the tread brackets. You can install the LED to give it a nice look at night.


Step 7- Lifting the Stringer


Now, you will need to lift up the stringer to attach it to the top. You can lift up through the stringer wire. Do not be too fast; it is heavy; you may need a lever-type like a pulley device to lift it up.


Step 8- Develop the Winch System


Develop the winch system; you can develop it with a harbor freight winch and 10-foot 6×6 framers.  It will assure you to keep stringer into place and get all wires run back through the master closet.

Step 9- Installing the first tread and Platform.


Next, you will need to install the first tread and the platform. Before going to the next, install a tread to see if it looks okay. If it seems fine, then you will go for the next step.

If it is looking fine, next, install the platform to keep the stringer in place. Get your drill machine and drill a hole in the middle of the bottom plate to fix it with the ground floor. 

Once you have drilled the middle hole in the right place, then secure it with screws. Then drill the holes from all sides of the plate and secure them with screws.


Step 10- Install LED underlighting


Secure the LED strip with each tread for installing the LED underlighting system. Place the LED strip in its place and secure it with the screwdriver. Mostly there are holes for screwing. But if there are not, you can drill the holes.

Then connect with the already installed wire to connect it with the power source.


Step 11- Install the Thick Treads


After finishing the wire system setup, turn the tread on the stringer and secure it. While turning it, ensure you have placed it in the right place. Then secure the screws and check the LED wiring; everything should be clean and nicely installed.


Step 12- Install all the treads and check the installation


Once you have installed the first thick tread, then follow the same process to install every tread. You may need a ladder while installing the treads at the top. 

Once you have installed all the treads, check their wiring system from below. Then check the entire installation to ensure you have done your job correctly. If necessary, make corrections to ensure you did your job well.


Helpful Instruction


  • Before purchasing the floating staircase, check all of the available designs and make sure you have picked the best floating staircase design.
  • Before starting the task, ensure you have arranged all the necessary tools for smooth working.
  • Do not be in a hurry; install everything calmly and adequately
  • Never skip reading the instructions in detail

Are floating Staircases safe as traditional stairs?


Yes, floating staircases are as safe as the traditional staircases. A metal stringer from the bottom supports them.  They are even safe for the kids, but make sure they are installed under International Residential code standards (IRC).

Can I install a wooden stringer for floating staircases?


It is possible, but not a recommended one. Professional grade floating staircases only have metal stringers that provide extra strength to the staircases.



Installation of the floating staircase in your outside spaces will improve your living space’s look. It is a complex task, but if you follow the instructions provided above, you can install the floating staircase perfectly.

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