How to Fit a Staircase? – Easy 8 Step Guide

How to Fit a Staircase

For decorations and functional purposes, the staircase is unbeatable. The staircase looks extremely aesthetic and it doesn’t take much labor to set a staircase in your house. Most of the time the staircase is made of wood as it looks pleasing and luxurious. Even though there are many other materials a staircase can be made from, wood is the most popular one.

Today, you will learn how to fit a staircase in your house. The proceedings will be easy and time-consuming. So, let’s grab our hammer and get ready! 

What Is Staircase?


The staircase is similar to stairs. To move from one floor to another floor in a building, a staircase is made. Staircase varies according to the shape and space of the building. Wood, tiles, ceramic, and many other materials are used to build a staircase. In a staircase, there are 3 main parts. 

  1. Treads
  2. Riser 
  3. Stringer

Combining these 3 parts any kind or any design of the staircase is built. 

Why Do We Need A Staircase?


Generally, the staircase is built to move easily from one floor to another. But, it also presents the taste and decorative style of the whole house. Not only that, under the staircase, you may store your not-so-necessary stuff. Mostly, those places which are right in space, a staircase to move freely and also for extra storage. Just utilize any space you get! 

How to Build And Fit a Staircase?


In this segment, I’ll be discussing the ways of building and fitting a staircase. It sounds easy but the task staircase fitting might make it feel like a hassle. 

So first you need to gather some necessary equipment to start the task. Here get the list of materials first and then I will do the main segment – installing a staircase.

Materials You’ll Need


  • Wood
  • Ladder
  • Level
  • Pencil/Chalk
  • Framing Hammer & Nails



Let’s dig into the process. Please keep patience and trust in the process. Here we go-

Step 1: Choose The Design


Before buying the woods or other stuff, choose or imagine the design you want to have for your staircase. Based on the design, do the measurements and buy supplies. You’ll find very aesthetic, modern, or antique-style staircase designs on Google or Pinterest.

Step 2: Determine The Area/Space For The Staircase


Measure the area from where the stair will begin and end. By this, you’ll have a draft idea of how your staircase will look. For example, in a crowded or less spacious space, it’s better to have a spiral staircase. And for spacious space, you may have a traditional diagonal-shaped staircase.

Step 3: Set-Up Position For The Staircase


It’s better if you plan to set up the staircase beside the wall, it looks good plus it adds strength to the staircase. There shouldn’t be any obstacle or doorway around the staircase because it’ll look inconvenient and out of place. The work of the staircase is to add beauty, so please keep this in mind. 

Step 4: Measure the Top-Bottom


Take a pencil/chalk and gather two people. One will mark the bottom staircase and the other with the help of a ladder will mark the top part of the staircase. Give a diagonal mark for the stringer. Stringer is the main structure with which the steps and risers will be added. And the risers mark vertically. 

Step 5: Purchase Time


Now with all the practical measurements, you’ve to buy the risers and 2 stringers. You can buy pre-cut woods or can order to make for you. Take good quality wood that’ll be durable years after years. Avoid any wood that has splits, it can hurt the builders and users. Buy a handrail for safety too. 

Step 6: Stringer Installation


Now as the purchase is done, the main procedure is starting. Take the help of one person and position the stronger against the wall. Now, position the horizontal studs in the frame through the wall. With the framing hammer and nail, hit the nails through the frame and wall securely and tightly. 

Now, position the second-stringer with the support of a standard framing wall. Check if the height and width are all perfect. Then, below the stringer brace the wall and hammer some framing nails on it securely. 

Step 7: Place The Treads, Risers & Handrail


Now place the pre-cut treads and risers in between the stringers vertically and horizontally. Now, nail all the risers in between the treads to the stringers. 

Step 8: Install And Fit the Handrail


With the help of vertical spindles, position the handrail parallel to the stringer. Then, nail it securely. And voila! Your staircase is done! You can decorate it with any carpet or accessories on it. 

These are the steps for fitting and building a staircase. However, for fitting a zig-zag or floating staircase the process is slightly different.

Tips & Warning


  • You should utilize the underneath space between the staircase as storage for anything. Staircamalamalarkeyy is designed to have extra storage.
  • Custom made wood if you want uniqueness in your staircase design.
  • Check the quality of wood before purchasing for the staircase.
  • If your staircase is more than 36 inches, then it’s better to use a third staircase for extra strength and support.

Wrapping Up


So, yeah this is the easiest way to do it. And hope it clears your query about how to fit a Staircase. The process is pretty simple but needs much patience because of the measurements. Take the measurements very carefully and it’s better to custom make your staircase wood than pre-cut. However, don’t be afraid to trim the edges or any extra sides of the treads or risers. 

Hit the nails securely through the frame and wall. If you can do all these DIY works by yourself, then congratulations. But, if you aren’t confident about that, ask for help from professionals. They may take £700-£1500 and do the best job for you. That’s all for today. Have a good day! 

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