How to Fix a Creaking Staircase

How to Fix a Creaking Staircase

Sometimes we have a squeaking staircase, which is really annoying to walk on. It feels like you are going to fall right through! It can also get in the way when you are sneaking out or stealing something from the fridge, and your parents are alarmed. But if you are a parent reading this, you love that fact about squeaking stairs, don’t you?

Regardless, your guests won’t love it too much. So here’s a guide on how to fix creaking stairs because it’s getting in your face lately, hasn’t it? Let’s jump into the solution then, shall we?

How to Fix Squeaking Stairs:


When the problem is coming from the side or back of the tread:

Lubricate the Squeak


Sometimes when the tread is loose, the stairs creak from the sides or underneath the tread. What you can do is use ground graphite or talcum powder to lube the space or crack from the tread to the riser. 

We need to be very specific about the lubricants we use since a different material can affect the wood of the stairs. An oil-based product often skews or bends wood. What’s more, they stick in dust and contrastingly slip in time and heavy usage. 

You begin the process by propping the tread hinds with paper and decanting your chosen lube onto the paper covering the stair’s breadth on both ends. Your finger comes into play now with a piece of cloth you have to use by twisting it so the powder fills the crack to the most incredible depth. A stiff paintbrush can also work. 

The broken wood won’t stop clashing or rubbing against each other, but the friction is gone with the powder. So this way, you hear no noise either. This is one way how to fix creaky stairs.

Nailing the risers


A more permanent solution to the squeak would be by nailing the tread with 8d or 10d nails. 

These nails usually are two and a half to three inches long. You need to make two holes two inches away from the other on the closed end of the tread. And then start drilling your nails on them. You need two more holes near the railing on the other end of the treads. Then you repeat your nailing process on this side as well. 

This way, you can create a minor clamp, which secures the tread to the stringer and prevents the nails from being pulled out over time. Nail heads should not protrude beyond the wood’s surface, where they may hurt a person’s foot. A couple of additional whacks with the hammer should do the trick. Use wood filler or putty to conceal the repair places if necessary.

When the problem is coming from the front of the tread:

Tighten the Treads


How to fix squeaky stairs from above? When the squeaking noises start from the front, it infers loose screws. We understand that the tread and the risers aren’t fitted well. So get screws that hold accordingly and subtly. Match the size with the holes you will be drilling on the tread. Leave two spaces between the holes, giving us three holes across the front, rising with the riser. 


Then you should sink the three screws below the tread’s surface and drill them in. If a screw is left protruding from the tread, it might easily pierce a bare foot. After you’ve screwed everything into place, you may smooth out any imperfections by filling them with wood filler in a matching hue.

Stairs squeaking from underneath


How to fix squeaky stairs from underneath? Interior staircases are tight, which is a problem for most of us when trying to fix our creaking stairs. Sometimes they are easy to reach inside. In that case, you can fix it with some wood glue. Wooden wedges will come into effect here. Get three of the triangular ones on each tread that squeaks. These are commercially known as premade glue blocks which you find just anywhere.


First, you’ll need to apply wood glue to the two shorter sides of each glue block. Then, you’ll need to push the blocks firmly into the correct angle formed by the riser and the tread. Place one block in the middle of the stair and two more at its outside borders. While placing the glue blocks,  shake them a little to eliminate any air.


When the glue has dried and the blocks are set against it, drive screws into everyone, so you feel rest assured. The way you can move the nails in is by a vertical run into the tread and a horizontal drill to the riser.

Tool to stop the squeak on Carpeted stairs


How to fix squeaky carpeted stairs from above? The problem with carpeted stairs is that you will probably have felt the carpeting rip as you try to drill it. The fibers will start pulling out slowly, thread by thread. Instances have occurred that the fibers got stuck at the drill bit, and too many holes got formed. If you are okay with a damaged carpet and intend on getting a new one, then it’s okay.


There are special drills and bits for carpets, so you will need only three screws after you get them. So screw them into the front. A tripod is included in the carpet’s drill kit, which goes with the screw for installation. Upon insertion of the drill bit into the drill, you screw it into the carpet. You push it through the tread and riser too. You want the head of the screw to come out on the other side of the carpet in the end. You can use the tripod to easily remove the screw’s head, while the rest of the screw can be buried under the carpet where it won’t do any harm.




Hey there, are you less puzzled about how to fix your creaky stairs? Because after reading this complete guide, how can you not be motivated instead? Here, we have plainly explained the most straightforward way of fixing squeaky stairs. So get on to your DIY process, or just replace them with a new staircase from Ovoms!

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