How To Fix Squeaky Stairs From Above UK

How to Fix squeaky stairs from above UK

In the scary movies, we see and hear the sound of a stair squeaking at night, scaring the homeowner. In reality, squeaky stairs are a widespread but pesky problem. 

The primary cause of a squeaky stair is the wearing and tearing of the staircase’s wooden elements, causing one rigid area to rub against another or scratch a screw or metal nail. Another reason behind a squeaky step is the wooden components drying out, shrinking and causing squeaking and creaking as you climb the stairs.

It’s best to fix the squeaking stairs before they get any worse. In this article, we’ll discuss how to fix squeaky staircase from above UK. 


How To Fix Squeaky Stairs From Above UK


Squeaky stairs inform you about the whereabouts of your teenage son/daughter. You can hear them sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, and the next day,  they are grounded. 

Well, That’s one way to look at it. Another is that the children and elderly’s sleep get heavily hampered by the noise. Especially for toddlers and children with special needs, a night of sound sleep is essential. That’s why you need to ensure that your staircase doesn’t make squeaky sounds at night.

 There are a few ways to fix the squeaky stairs at your home. They are given below: 

Step 1


The most straightforward way to silence a squeak coming from the tread is by sealing the rupture between the tread and riser with talcum powder or powdered graphite. Squeeze a chunk of paper into the tread’s back, and pour some powder on the paper across the stair. After that, use a finger, a twisted piece of clothing, or a rigid paintbrush to push the powder deep into the rupture between the tread and riser. It may not stop the wooden components from rubbing against each other, but the powder will not allow friction and prevent the noise. Do not apply anything oil-based as they can bend or twist wood, fetch moisture and dust, or become slippery after being overused.


Step 2

An effective way to repair squeaky stairs is by inspecting whether the stair tread is detached from the stair’s riser. You need to identify the source of the squeaky sound and attempt to lift the stair tread. If you hear a noise while lifting it, it may be loose. Screw the tread’s front into the riser to resolve this and add stability. To ensure safety and preserve the staircase’s appearance, drill release gaps for shanks, which are the thick side of the screws, through the tread and riser. 


Step 3


Next, use countersink screws to drill the release gaps. Position the screws under the surface while screwing. Grab the PVA glue to apply it to the openings in order to tighten the screws. If you have all over wooden stairs and no carpet, use wood filler to fill the crew heads to make the surface comfortable to walk on. 


Step 4


You will find the loosened joint at the tread’s end. Use a triangular moulding to tighten it. The moulding measurement should be approximately 12mm x 12mm. Beware, the tread size shouldn’t be less than 220mm.


Step 5


To provide a flush surface, cut some space for the frames using a chisel or hammer. Or, you may screw the metal frames connecting the tread and riser. It will help bring the tread and riser together and prevent the stairs from squeaking. It is a complex method, so if you try this, don’t forget to research how to fit the frames before starting the task.


Introduction To Some Basic Staircase Components


Most handy individuals can fix a squeaking stair on their own. However, it will help to learn the terminologies for different staircase components.

Tread: is the flat surface where one puts their feet.

A riser: is a vertical surface between the treads.

A Stringer: joints the whole staircase together and provides support. Sometimes it is concealed inside the staircase drywall.

A Bannister: is a handrail of a staircase.

A Balustrade: is a post that supports the bannisters.

A Newel Post: is the primary supportive pillar of a staircase.

To conclude, 


Now you know how to fix squeaky stairs from above UK. I hope you’ll implement this learning into action and repair your staircase with ease. 

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