How to Replace A Newel Post? – 8 Step Guide

Today we'll talk about -"How to replace a newel post?" Well, replacing a newel post is a simple and easy task if you can follow all the instructions properly.

Newel posts are the most important and prominent part of a staircase. There are multiple types and designs of newel posts. However, for those who want to change their staircase appearance, then rather than changing the entire staircase, you can simply replace the newel post. And that’s what we’ll talk about today-“How to replace a newel post?”

Well, replacing a newel post is a simple and easy task if you can follow all the instructions properly. Therefore, let’s know about newel posts and replace a newel post with more details. So, for a better & clear understanding please keep reading! 

What Is Newel Post?


Newel posts are the main supporting posts of a staircase. Often they are called anchors of the staircase. Newel posts bear the entire weight of the staircase, that’s why it’s called the main supporting pole. To keep the balance and symmetry, you’ll notice newel posts at the top and bottom of a staircase. Plus, other newel posts are added at the turning points of the staircase. 


For example, if you turn 90° on a staircase, you’ll find a newel post. For spiral and non-spiral staircases, newel posts differ. Like, for non-spiral or flat staircases, there’ll be multiple newel posts- at the top & bottom plus each turn. For a spiral staircase, there’ll be one central newel post and the staircase turns itself around the post. 


Purpose of Newel Posts


As mentioned before, newel posts are the anchor of the staircase. Don’t mix up newel posts and balusters. The intermediate posts in between newel posts are the balusters. Balusters are positioned very closely and they fill up the gaps between each newel post. Nevertheless, newel posts monitor that the handrails are sturdy and firm in place rather than frail. 


That’s why at each turning point, like 90°, there should be a newel post. The actual purpose of newel posts is also structural benefit. Also, the bonus is newel posts are available in versatile designs and colours. Newel posts can be eye-catching and attractive with excellent carving design as it sits at the top, bottom and each turning point. 


Step by Step-How To Replace a Newel Post?


Here comes all the easy and quick steps for how to install a newel post on the landing question! Well it is not as difficult as fitting a staircase.


Follow the steps carefully and you’ll get your new newel posts installed by yourself. Let’s get ready! 


Tools You’ll Need


  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Handsaw
  • Holesaw
  • Sharp Chisel
  • 50mm Arbor
  • PVA Woodworking Adhesive Glue
  • Newel Base Connector




Step 1: Remove The Handrails & Spindles


If your staircase has handrails and spindles, then remove all the screws and separate the handrails with spindles.


Step 2: Decide At What Height To Cut The Existing Newel Post


Now, checking all the building regulations, determine the handrail height with the newel post. In all buildings, the handrail height should be 900mm measured from the top of the handrail to the pitch line of the stair. In this case, keep the new newel post 120mm above the handrail measurement and mark it at the bottom of the existing post. 


Step 3: Mark All The Sides Of The Newel Post


Keeping the proper measurements, using a scale mark all the four sides of the existing newel post with a pencil. 


Step 4: Cut The Newel Post


Using a handsaw, now cut the existing newel post from the marking place. Please, be careful while using a saw.


Step 5: Bore A Hole At The Center Of The Post


Now, as you’ve cut the existing newel post, you’ve completed 50% of the task! Using a pencil and ruler, mark at the very centre of your newel post. Then, take a hole saw and bore a 50mm hole at the marked centre of the post. 


Now, taking a 50mm Arbor, clear the entrance of the hole. Using a chisel, clear out any remaining wooden pieces from the hole. Check that the bottom of the new newel post can fit into the hole. 


Step 6: Attach the Newel Base Connectors


There Are different newel base connectors on the market, you can choose any as you want. Newel base connectors fill the gap between the base post and the new post. With 4 screws newel base connector with the base post. 


Step 7: Glue Your Newel Post


Now, take a woodwork glue and use it into the hole. Then, place the new newel post into the hole. Press the post hard, so there won’t be any gap and the glue can stick properly. 


Step 8: Secure The Newel Post 


Now, just between the new newel post bottom area and the base post, attach a screw. Like, screw the bottom of the new newel post with the base post. And voila! You just replaced your newel post! 




Q: What is the standard newel post height UK? 

Ans: Building regulations determine that any commercial or domestic property should have a handrail height of 900mm to 1000mm. And for commercial properties, it’ll be 1100 mm in landings. 

Q: How much does it cost to replace a newel post?

Ans: Whether it’s building a staircase or replacing a newel post, you’ve to cost some money. The average cost to replace a newel post can be from $300. If you just DIY replace it, then it’ll be around £300-£360. But, if you call professionals, then with labour cost it’ll be around £500-£550.

Q: What is the difference between newel post and balusters?

Ans: It’s quite confusing, we know. First of all, balusters are more in number than newel posts. Balusters are placed close to each other, like a few inches to prevent the gaps between the newel posts. The main purpose of balusters is to fill all the gaps between the newel post. 


Wrap Up


Now, time to sum up. If you’re confident that you can follow the instructions and do all the steps properly, then proceed. But, if you want professional help, then you can visit our website because we sell a variety of styles and colours newel posts matching your staircase. So, no matter what your budget is or what taste you’ve, we’ll do our best to find you the best quality newel posts. Nonetheless, best of luck with your new post!

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