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ideas for staircase flooring

If you are remodeling or making your dream house, then you better take note of the staircase look. The staircase is one of the most used and center points of a home, so styling it with sturdy flooring materials is a must. Today, Ovomos is here with some exclusive and fantastic ideas for staircase flooring for you. 


Flooring your staircase changes your home decor and aesthetic. However, for flooring ideas for stairs, we’ll ensure to give you all the nuts and bolts. So, let’s hop into it! 

What Is Staircase Flooring? 


In a staircase, there’s a series of stairs with all supporting structures. The term floor means the small area of stairs where you put your feet and raise yourself from the real floor. The higher position of staircase floor is in a higher position than the real floor. A staircase floor is the most necessary and convenient way to raise yourself from one step to another. 

Types of Staircase Flooring 


You can choose versatile types and styles of staircase flooring to improve your home look, safety, and decor. You can choose different flooring options for stairs as each one has its advantages. Therefore, let’s see the types-

1. Carpet for Staircase Flooring


Carpet for stairs is one of the most commonly used methods. It’s the safest option, family-friendly, budget effective and durable. For having shorter fibers, these carpets are the most durable, comfortable and soft even after handling heavy traffic. It keeps your staircase quiet, clean and not slippery at all. You may choose versatile options of colors and patterns from the market. However, the carpets may get dirty, spread odors and are high maintenance. 

2. Hardwood for Staircase Flooring 


One of the most classic options. For staircase flooring hardwood can create an aesthetic effect with a major impact. It not only unfolds the elegant beauty but is also easy to install and clean. Hardwood will for sure ensure you the durability and excellent varieties. However, the drawback comes when it’s wet and becomes extremely slippery. Plus, they can make noise. 

3. Carpet Runner for Staircase Flooring 


Having the entire staircase floor carpeting is expensive, so you can use a carpet runner instead. Just like the carpets, It’s long-lasting and comes in fantastic designs and color combinations. Homeowners who have hardwood flooring mostly use carpet runners to keep the family safe and noise free. Anyways, carpet runners can trap dirt and odor just like a carpet. 

4. Vinyl Plank for Staircase Flooring 


Luxury vinyl plank or LVP is a budget-friendly and highly wanted flooring material. You’ll find many outstanding stairs flooring ideas in this material. Manufacturers can make vinyl to look like anything you want, such as tiles, stone, marble, metal or wood. It’s durable enough, water-proof and stain resistant. Most importantly, it’s easy to keep vinyl clean! However, the vinyl plank may get noisy and it may be slippery. 

5. Tiles for Staircase Flooring 


To give your staircase some extra vibe, you can choose different colors and design tiles. With a variety of styles and colors, it can suit any type of home decor. Ceramic is more durable and used than glass and porcelain in tile materials. Remember that tiles are heavier, so make sure that your stair can bear the weight of the tiles.  

6. Laminate for Staircase Flooring 


Laminate is used nowadays for being low-budget and beautiful. It’s a sturdy material, but not as durable as hardwood. It’s more affordable than hardwood that’s what makes it most wanted. However, the material can be slippery too. 

How to Make Wooden Floor Slip & Noise Proof? 


Hardwood is considered the best floor covering for stairs. To make your wooden floor safe, less noisy and less slippery you can use carpet or carpet runner. Carpet is a fabric that covers your staircase and carpet runner covers some areas of your floor. These materials can reduce noise and reduce traction with the floor. 

How to Make Stair Tiles Slip & Noise Proof? 


You can use carpet or carpet runners in this case too. Carpet or carpet runners will make your tile floor safe and less noisy. You can also use non-slip treads on the tiled surface. These methods are quite budget-friendly, so no need to worry! 

What to Consider While Choosing The Ideas for Staircase Flooring? 


Depending on many factors and your staircase style, you should choose the stair flooring ideas. Be careful with the features given below before choosing a staircase-

1. Maintenance Level


Materials like carpet or hardwood need high maintenance and they make beautiful staircase flooring. Whereas, tiles also make beautiful staircase flooring yet needs zero maintenance. So, it depends on how much you can invest in your flooring ideas. 

2. Noise


Stairs close to living spaces or bedrooms may benefit from flooring materials that make muffled noise. So, you won’t be disturbed by people’s footsteps all the time. 

3. Traffic Level


If your stair is in a high traffic area, then you’ll need extremely durable and easy-to-clean materials. Choose a material for this which will be easy to maintain and long-lasting. 

4. Slip Resistance 


Safety is the most necessary feature. If you’ve children and older people in your home, make sure to get material which isn’t safe. It’ll prevent wanted accidents and provide extra traction. For example-Carpet. 

5. Style


See how your staircase looks and the shapes with size. For small and cozy places, carpeted staircase flooring looks extra cozy. For wider space, hardwood will bring elegance. 

6. Budget 


Flooring options have ranged from $2 to $10 per staircase. Different materials have different price ranges. So, choose a material that can cover everything you want without breaking the bank. 

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Final Words 


You should choose a staircase flooring material that suits your style and compliments your home decor. If you’re confused with many options, Ovomos can help you to find the best ideas for staircase flooring. We have the safest and most extraordinary options and designs with all materials that can make your home exclusive! 

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