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modern stair banister ideas uk

If you’re building your dream house or upgrading your current staircase, then you should think about having the best banister. Modern staircase banister ideas are fabulous, luxurious to look at and transform the look of your entire house. Henceforth, if you want modern stair banister ideas UK, then you can contact us. 


Fortunately, we’ve got the finest and best modern stair banister ideas and designs for you. In this article, we’ll give you every particular idea about stair banisters and their designs. So, let’s hop into it! 


What Is a Stair Banister? 


Banisters are also known as handrails. It’s a part of a staircase that people hold for safety or support while going up or down. Fun fact is, children love to slide on the banister and trust me, the banister can be the best slide ever! 


The functional purpose of the banister is to support the posts of a staircase. Plus, working as a support for the users. The decorative purpose is that it adds an aesthetic vibe to your home decor and gives dramatic effects. A handrail should have the perfect stability and glide through the stair. 

Types of Modern Stair Banister 


Depending on the various configurations and designs, different materials can be used in a stair handrail. Therefore, mainly the stair banister has 2 types. Integrated & Wall-Mounted

1. Integrated Stair Banister 


Integrated handrails sit on the top of the rails of a staircase. Each of the handrails is supported with a newel post at each end. Most of the time, integrated handrails are used in the open space of a staircase without a wall. Commercial or residential, for both integrated handrails can be used. Fortunately, most of the building codes allow integrated banisters.

2. Wall-Mounted Stair Banister


As the name suggests, wall-mounted handrails are attached to the wall. Wall-mounted handrails can be made of wood or steel. Steel wall-mounted banisters are the most common and sturdiest option. It’s made of a round pipe or tube. These handrails are secured to the wall with brackets and can be decorative in design. You can use a wall-mounted handrail on one or both sides of a staircase. 

What Are The Best Materials Used For Stair Banisters? 


The materials depend on the decorative style of your house and also on the design you’ve chosen. For commercial, residential or contemporary looks wood, metal like steel, iron or aluminum is used. Glass is used less for being expensive. 

1. Wood


Wood gives you the most classic and aesthetic-looking traditional handrails. Oak is the most popular in UK to make different exclusive designed handrails. Oak is hard in consistency, water resistant, easy to stain and gives smooth beautiful finishing. Most residential homes use wooden banisters. 

2. Steel


In any environment or purpose, steel banisters can be used. However, the steel must be coated with galvanized powder, so it can last longer. To get a sleek, modern and stylish look both industry and households can use steel banisters. For weather resistance, steel banisters can be used inside or outside.

3. Aluminum 


Aluminum is more lightweight than other materials yet has a sturdy structure. It has a lower density than steel or iron, but unlike them naturally aluminum is rust-resistant. In most commercial or industrial buildings, aluminum banisters can be seen. 

4. Glass


Most of the time, glass is overlooked for being fragile looking and unsafe to use. But in reality, glass is tougher than it seems and it also comes in multiple varieties. 

Top 10 Modern Stair Banister Ideas 


The stair banister not only works for security but also needs a visual appearance to make your home aesthetic. Here comes some of the best banister ideas UK-

1. Wood Stair Banister Design


You can find beautifully carved and crafted traditional or modern wooden banisters on our website. For older or traditional-style homes, this idea will be the bomb! 

2. Simple Stair Banister Style


Walls filled with portraits or pictures and simple home decor, this style of banister will be awesome. It comes with a narrow rail design to the gallery wall and is also visible from afar. 

3. Victorian-Style Stair Banister


If your house has graceful and traditional architecture, then the stair banister can be Victorian style. It’ll brighten the look of your house. 

4. Floating Stair Banister


With clever handiwork and beautiful wood finishing work, the floating stair banister is popular now. Without railings, it seems to float in the air and looks stunning! 

5. Iron Stair Banister Ideas


If you want a simple looking staircase, then go for simple iron styles. It strikes attention for being simple yet elegant. 

6. Contemporary Stair Banister


This style is just a clean and soft color straight line of the banister. It can be made with wood and later painted with soft or dark colors. King of minimalistic look!

7. White Stair Banister


For a simple profile and soft-toned house, the white staircase will be fabulous. With any simple design, it’ll look awesome in monochromatic color styles. 

8. Steel Stair Banister


Ideal for residential or industrial buildings. For a simple and attractive-looking staircase, you can choose this style. You can combine steel with wood like the stair can be wooden and rails with banister can be steel. 

9. Stair Banister Painting Ideas


To give a new and fresh look, you can always paint over your existing handrails. Always look for the best color combination with your house. Plus, the colors will visualize your personality! 

10. Grand Iron Stair Banister


To have a graceful and eye-catching staircase, you can choose this style. This sophisticated iron stair handrail with smooth furnishing can provide an extra rich aesthetic in your building. 


If you are worried about where to approach designing your stair banister you can contact Ovoms. Ovoms are one of the best staircase designing and installation Company.

Wrap Up 


These are the modern stair banister ideas UK you can get. We’ve dedicated and skilled craftsmen who can bring life to your dream design. While choosing the perfect style of the banister, keep in mind your home decor, the safety, the small details of design, and the building code.


According to the building code, the banister needs to be 30-38″ tall depending on the walls. Typically the banister’s sturdiness should be like it can support 200lbs. Between the handrail and the wall, the distance should be 31 1/2″ at least. Make sure to abide by these architectural rules for safety and get the most fabulous-looking stair banister. Best of luck! 

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