Open Riser Stairs VS Closed Riser Stairs

open riser stairs vs closed

Don’t you like your current stairs anymore? Maybe you need to upgrade them. 


Open Riser Stairs are super trendy right now. But they are also timeless and blend in with any scheme because of how naturally they mesmerise while being highly functional. Obviously, they wowed you, too, no? Why else would you be here, then? But since you are here, let’s weigh in on the comparison of Open Riser Stairs VS Closed Riser Stairs.


What Are Closed Riser Stairs?


Closed riser stairs are the regular box stairs used by most commercial places. They are a staple in most apartments and other buildings. At traditional houses, however, they have a completely wood riser vertically rising between every tread. Naturally, you don’t get to see anything beyond the gap of the treads or steps as the gap is closed with a wall. 


If the aesthetic of your house is akin to an arts and crafts style home, consider getting a staircase closed stringer type. 


Why choose Closed Riser Stairs?


Children are the first thing that popped into our heads as we thought of open stringer stairs. Those stairs are neither safe nor convenient for children or differently-abled people. Conversely, a closed staircase is the best you can go for if you have kids. 


Other than that, these are some reasons you might want to have a closed in the staircase:


  • Unique or elaborate balustrade styles are easier to establish and conducive to the strength for fixing different materials.
  • Those living in a home with little space can also double shelves for the steps or use the underside as a wardrobe, study, or laundry. 


What is an Open Riser Staircase?


While comparing Open riser stairs VS closed riser stairs. You might have guessed an open riser staircase is the opposite of a closed riser staircase. Meaning there is a gap between the treads and no vertical wall closing the gaps. 


You are left with an airy and light-looking staircase that almost seems to be floating– therein, we get the name “floating staircase” from this particular staircase. 


If you are wondering what interior open stringer stairs work best, we should lead you to minimalist homes. For minimalism tends to veer towards space and lightness, best demonstrated by open riser stairs. Outside homes, you will find these stairs in modern or fancy offices or institutions.


This sort of interior is frequently open floor for most public rooms. The open riser stairs let in as much light as possible, conveying the illusion of a more spacious house and hallway. They also leave the floor below open, which may be used for several functions while integrating a smooth sequential linear sense of symmetry with the open-ended steps.


Where to integrate Open-Risers:


Open-Riser staircases work with almost any type of stairs, be it traditional, spiral or curved. 


What Materials can you create Open Riser Stairs with?


You can carve out an open stringer staircase from almost any durable material, like steel or other metals, stone, wood or glass. 


Why Choose Open Riser Stairs?


Open Riser stairs are getting in demand as the minimalist trend is raging. And there is nothing more minimalistic than open riser stairs. Open riser stairs are perfect for those who prefer just shopping for a staircase instead of spending time on building one or planning the construction yourself.


Keeps the Room Illuminated


In contrast to a staircase with closed risers, sunlight may quickly flood via the open ones. In addition to making a room seem more significant, their lack of obstructions to the eye’s natural path makes them an excellent complement to an open layout.




With their minimal and transparent shape, open riser steps go very well with today’s favoured minimalist and contemporary aesthetics.




Their capaciousness allows them to mould into several shapes. You can keep them for spiral, straight and curved staircases. Speaking of shapes, even erratic organic staircases also often have floating steps. 


What about Combining the Stairs


So you have decided to get open riser stairs. But Open Riser Stairs VS Closed Stairs is a hard call because now that you have it, you realise you need closed riser stairs. You can just start converting open stairs to closed stairs. Or you can develop closed stairs on top of the open riser stairs. There are many ways of combining them, and they can work well for complex spaces.


As striking as combined staircases are, they also provide creative alternatives. They might help stow things, and you could partition them off to use as workspaces. 


Types of Combination Staircase out there:


Closed and Concealed


The string in this form of a staircase is hidden inside the wall on one side. Its border on the other side is closed off to create a railing. A classic look, this design scheme is wall-mounted.


Cut and Closed


Cut and closed staircases have steps similar in length to the strings. This gives off a jaw and teeth feature with the steps hanging out half closed. 


Open Cut


With the open cut feature, the treads are available and sawtooth-shaped, as viewed from the side. This aesthetic is trendy as its modern architecture seems angular and icy. 


Do You!


While you could still be going off on Open Riser Stairs VS Closed Riser stairs, it is better to reflect and note what you want for yourself. Maybe all this desperation for open riser stairs is just to impress others. What if you need the Closed riser stairs instead? 


There lies another problem—the problem of not fitting in. What if you want the traditional stairs, but your home is too modern? You do you! Make a difference. It might even look attractive. And vice versa with the opposite scenario as well. 


Contrast may be highly alluring, and there are instances when it is desirable to have something that is opposed to something else. Your staircase design is not constrained in any way, just as antique furniture may look great in minimalist areas, and new methods can invigorate an ageing environment.




Open Riser Stairs VS Closed Riser Stairs is a far-off comparison. And the differences are visible. But it should all be clear to you now. If you have decided, then Ovoms’s has all the different staircases for you. We give prompt delivery with state-of-the-art staircases bound to illuminate your house. 

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