Staircase Colours That Will Brighten Your Hallway

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So, you want to colour your stairs? Staircases are pivotal to a house. They can easily blend in or pop out, depending on how you represent them. What really sets staircases apart is the staircase colour in the hallway. 


The colour is what gives people the concept or theme the house abides by.  But what else do you need to have the best staircase colour? The staircase is more than the colour. It is the texture, the overtones, the undertones, and the contrasts of the shades. For sure, a horrible staircase colour idea can damage its look. 


If you want to impress your guests, you need to be able to paint and choose your colours so that your personality reflects every step of the way. 


This article has outlined all the ways you can cautiously select your colours for stairs to stand out from the crowd without trying too hard. So read on to find out how to have the best colourful staircase in UK. 


Is it okay to paint my stairs?


Yes, of course. Sure, many don’t colour and keep them unfurnished, but a little splash of paint can give them the right amount of attention. Your staircase paint and colour must match that of your hallway, though. 


Painted Staircase Ideas UK: White


If you want your staircase to have a fresh, clean look with beaming energy, a classic white-painted staircase should be just for you. White adds a minimalistic appeal to the stairs that covets away all the little flaws in the wood that adds up space in the eye. It magically narrows down the elements on the surface while brightening the area, which helps create clarity in the eye of the homeowners and the visitors. Here are some white staircase ideas that can lighten up your hallway.


Double colours: Creating a drama


Combining colours to the staircase can give it more complexity and personality. Painting a similar shade to different parts, for example, the bannister and treads being of a similar hue while the riser marking a contrast can create a little drama in the steps. Here are some bannister colour ideas that can upgrade your staircase look.


More creative designs can include shapes running down from the middle in a consecutive pattern down the stairs. Here are some inspirational two-tonal staircases that may take your breath away. 


Emerald Green


Emerald is a crystal that adds depth to a ring. So does the colour, as it is a significant statement piece for this characteristic. It adds drama and a cunning mystery to whatever is unveiled in your house. If you are clueless about how to add this intriguing colour to your staircase, have a graphic art piece in green showcase itself along the steps climbing up in an evolving or stagnant manner. 




Grey can turn the most dramatic shapes and designs into a subtle cold piece. It turns whatever place it increments to in minimalistic yet occupied energy that drastically reduces clutter. Painting your steps grey can have a calming effect. Or you can also try a grey accent wall next to the staircase that will help tone down any graphic design. Here are some grey accent walls you can look into to stroke your creativity. 


Baby Blue


We can’t help but emphasise the calming effect blue has on anyone, especially baby blue. It reminds you of innocence and better days while giving you beach vibes which is also high-key relaxing. Right next to white, blue can create more space in a small area. It can expand the room the way the sky reaches its hands to an unending horizon. 


For blue painted staircase ideas UK should like the change of weather at home from the humdrum clouds that plague the country. 


What colour should I paint my stairwell? 


Stairwells can work well with bold hues, and the hallway walls can create an imminent force with a gradient paint that slowly gets loud at the staircase. You can add this theatrical trait to your list of ideas or colour block with a bolder hue on the second floor and contrast it with another on the bottom floor. 


White has become so conventional it has become sore for dull eyes. If you want to spice things up and add more class to your house, a bold colour will serve you just right. Hallways may benefit from the dramatic effect that darker hues like Royal Blue and Red, which is both aggressive and durable, can have. 


Instead of keeping the bannister and spindle wood, paint them to match the steps and skirting for a more contemporary design. 


If you want to keep the rest of the rooms in your home neutral, painting the staircase may be a fantastic way to inject a stronger tone into the area without having to paint the whole wall. 


The deciding factor is the extent to which you want your staircase to stand out. Go for a more neutral shade if the couch or artwork is the main attraction in the room. However, if the staircase is the focal point of the home, then play up that fact by painting the wall a contrasting colour.


How long do painted stairs last?


The durability of painted stairs depends mainly on the graded quality of the paint. If you are considering painting your stairs yourself, consider the ingredients you will need to paint them in the first place. 


Woodworking and spindles work best with water-based eggshell paints due to their matte look and longevity. The flat emulsion doesn’t work on the steps, though, as it will look dodgy and wear out in no time. 


Choose an Eggshell paint that is water-based. This coating is a significant improvement over the traditional gloss paints made with toxic solvents; it is lightweight, smooth, and safe for people and the environment. It gives intricate railings and spindles a sleek, matte finish.

Spindles, bannisters, and side panels are typical for elaborate woodwork on stairs. 


Would you instead stain or paint the staircase?


It depends on how you want your staircase to look. Do you want it to have a natural uneven wooden furnishing or a clean colour-blocking look? Mind that the natural finish will last much longer owing to its high resistance. Meanwhile, paint has an even distribution that is neater and smoother, and it is good to go for a couple of years.




Staircase colours add a striking image to your house with colour-blocked panels, steps and walls. Some of us like cooler accents, so we go with white too. Now that you have read our article, you know how to colour your staircase. With our information on adding contrasts to your stairwell to bring out the best from it, you are also aware of the basics of painting. Now, buy one of Ovom’s fascinating staircases to apply your newly learned craft and wow your guests.

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