Standard Size of Stairs for Residential UK

standard size of stairs for residential

So you are getting your own house? Let’s get you prepped first. What is the standard stairs size of a place? Got stuck already? This was just the warm-up. You clearly haven’t done enough research. No, you don’t need a standard size of stairs for residential calculator for this!


You see, there is a building code for standard stairs sizes. And you just need to create your stairs accordingly. Simple as that. The industry has developed enough to help out with this. Speaking of industry, Ovoms is your one-stop bespoke staircase seller and installer in the UK. We help you build your stairs from scratch with your personalised touch. 


So go through our staircase size guide if you want the most functional staircase.


Standard Stairs Dimensions UK & Parts


The standard size of stairs for residential UK are below:


Stair Stringer (3.5 inches minimum thickness)


The stringer of a staircase refers to the housing board on both sides of the stairs, which might be a full or cut stringer. In a cut-stringer staircase, you might find a sawtooth shape of the tread and risers rising the stairwell. So you see, the treads and the risers are fastened to the stair stringer. To support the stair structure well, the stringer has to be at least 3.5 inches.


Rise (12 feet)


The Rise is the total vertical height of your stairs from the floor to the ceiling. With the rise measurement, we determine at which point the carpenter will locate the upper landing.


We must understand that the landing rise of the standard stair dimensions in inches is mostly 12 feet. The height of the standard stair dimensions in cm is 365.8 cm. House owners should maintain this measurement owing to fire safety codes. This is the only measurement you must follow for the landing standard size of straight staircase, so fret not.




The run is the staircase length that doesn’t rely on height. We calculate the number of treads on a flight of steps by multiplying the rise by the run: a unit rise and unit run, which we know as that dedicated to each tread. 


When we know the codes of the unit rise and run, half the measurement difficulty becomes easier. We can calculate the run easily by learning each tread dimension and multiplying the number of steps without the nose.


Unit Rise(7.5 inches)


While the rise refers to the entire staircase, the unit rise only relates to each step. It is the verticle-closed part of each step. We measure the unit rise by 7.5 inches typically.


Ladder rungs are typically no less than 12 inches (30 cm) apart. However, since we descend stairs looking forward, the risers must be substantially smaller.


Unit Run( 9-11 inches)


The unit run is the horizontal standard staircase size, and we calculate the unit run from the front side to the rear side of a tread.  


According to the standard size of stairs for residential UK requisites, each tread should fall between 9 and 11 inches. So the standard size of stairs for residential in mm for the tread is between 229 mm and 279 mm. 


Operating a unit is thoroughly weighed against cost and safety concerns. Staircase costs and overall length grow when a single decimal place expands the run. 


Stair width(3 feet 6 inches)


We can assume the width of a standard staircase alludes to each step and the whole staircase. To ensure consistency in each staircase step, we must maintain equality of the standard stair dimensions. 


So how wide is a standard staircase?

The building, the width of the stairs is made for can shift the standard stairs width UK. But how wide should the stairs be in residence? Three feet, 6 inches. The stairs standard size in meters for the width is 1.067 m.


What is the minimum width for residential stairs? According to the building code, the staircase width is 81.3 cm or 2 feet 8 inches at the least.


Average adult foot size determines the minimum width of residential stairs (at least 10 inches or 25.4 centimetres). However, having your entire foot fit on a tread for stair climbing to be pleasant and safe is optional.


Stair Railing(36 or 38 inches)


The stair railing of your staircase is a support structure to prevent accidents while people are using the stairs. You’re free to make your steps as long as you want, but keep in mind that they’ll need to be at least 36 or 38 inches tall to accommodate most people safely.


There should be at most 10cm (4 inches) of space between balusters. This limit size prevents infants from going through a baluster. Three balusters per step may be required if the treads are very lengthy.


Dimensions of Different Stair types


Egress Stair Dimensions


Egress stairs are commonly outside emergency exits, built from non-combustible materials. The main factor here is being able to digest about 50 people through the stairway safely. The stair rails must be high enough and the tread depth broad sufficient as the standard size of outdoor steps. We should keep the riser at a minimum too. 


So here are the various width measurements for egress stairs according to a standard size of stairs for commercial or residential use:


36 inches/ 91.44 centimetres: for less than 50 people

44 inches/111.7 centimetres: for more than 50 people and less than 200

56 inches/ 142.24 centimetres: for about 2000 people

The standard size of tread and riser for residential and commercial use is 11 inches and 4-7 inches, respectively. The space between landings should be 12 feet high as well.


Spiral Staircase Dimensions


Spiral staircases are those helical stairs you will sometimes find in smaller duplexes. They are great space savers but also incredibly steep. It doesn’t go without saying that you require a handrail.


As a standard, they naturally have 12 treads. This standard spiral staircase has a 360-degree rotation while being 9 feet high. According to the Standard Size of Stairs for Residential in the UK, each riser will be 6.7 inches apart, and the opening can be 49 inches long.




If you went through our thorough guide, congrats, now you can measure your staircase independently. We bet you can tell what is the standard size of staircase now! You are bound to tire as a typical homeowner with much to do. So call us to ease your matters with all the best staircases in the UK from Ovoms right now!

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