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staircase decorating ideas uk

Most homes consist of a hallway right opposite the front door. If it is a two-storey house, the hallway has the stairwell right in front. Since the staircase is the first thing you see, it goes without saying that it makes the first impression of the rest of your house. 


Keep the home’s antiquity and architectural form in mind as you make design decisions. It’s essential to think about the other woods in the house and choose a stain or finish that will blend in with them so the staircase won’t hold out. 


Structural timber isn’t the only kind of wood that matters. Experiment with paint, wallpaper, and fabric to create a dramatic look. You may make an instant impression by painting the risers in a descending or rising spectrum of colours or by sticking them on colourful tiles.


You must first glam up your staircase to make your house stand out. We are good to go with the best staircase decorating ideas UK is compatible with. The staircase starts with the hallway, so we mustn’t forget to accord their looks and designs to create cohesion. If you want your house to speak up in favour of your theme, then get on with the rest of our article.

Staircase Decorating Ideas: 


Here are some hallway stairs decor ideas that will help kickstart your home decor project. If you can’t wait to make a lasting impression, check them out:


1. Enhance the lighting


Before you get to the colours, paints and patterns of the treads, walls, and so, observing how much light your staircase blocks is primary. If it is a normally closed riser staircase, it probably shades the space a lot. 


What you can do to brighten the space is add glass bannisters. It could be a single shield that rises, or it can have different styles and cuts. Sunlight passes through glass best. The openness also looks relatively modern. 


Dusty or pale and shiny lightwood treads correspond well with glass railings, allowing more light to reflect. If you have your staircase in a corner or in some end of the house, it must lighten up. Also, why not integrate footlights in the steps to bring more sheen to the staircase?


Since staircases can block the light a lot, a straightforward way to bring light in is with a window. This way, you can naturally bring ambient light into your staircase without needing footlights. 


2. Simplicity


Staircase decorating ideas UK has can fall short as houses in London tend to be smaller. Use natural wood to denoise your small house and bring a shade of tranquillity. A potted plant hanging by is fresh enough a decor. 


3. Staircase wardrobe


Another solution for tighter spaces is to make the most of each space. For narrow enclosed staircase decorating ideas hide away a wardrobe or cupboard beneath the stairs or leave a compartment on each step. This is a smart, versatile and compact way of storing your things without taking more storage just for storage.


4. Curated Photos and Photographs


Personalise your home with a storytelling staircase that sends your guests on a journey upstairs and into your life. Hang insightful images with heartwarming pictures of you and your loved ones. You can also display passion projects and a photo that denotes your adventures. 


You can also showcase your creative side with hanging knick-knacks, oriental calendars and prints of your favourite fandom. 


5. Gradient effect


First, you’ll want to paint the stair treads with the rest of your woodwork. Next, pick out a paint card in a colour that speaks to you. Get as many colour swatches as you have steps.

Start with the darkest colour at the bottom and gradually lighten them as you go up the stairwell.


6. Colour guiding


Create a linear pattern with your paint in a single shade that heightens with the steps inclining up. It will make your guests feel accompanied and feel less lost. Other than that, a different shade in a singular-coloured atmosphere brings more edge to a simple atmosphere.


7. Subdued patterns


Are you looking for a rustic cottage-like appearance for your stairs to complement your house? You have to get creative to achieve your desired results. Use two prints in the most faded shades of pastel. Switch them up in edgy blocks. Stencils can help you finish it off. 


8. Staircase cubicle


Consider including some open storage in your staircase design if you want to commission it so that you may display your prized possessions.


The design is simple enough for a carpenter to construct. It also makes excellent use of the dead space beneath the treads and risers to create storage and display capsules.


9. Similar treads and walls


For staircase wall decorating ideas, paint your walls and treads in a similar colour while the riser is in another shade. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a contrast. Two light shades, like, blue and white, work great for this theme. 


10. Walk up the Red Carpet


Making your hallway seem like a red carpet entrance is a specific method to wow visitors. This refined shade of claret pairs well with fashionable grey hallway decor.




Staircase Decorating Ideas UK suits best with are listed over here. Hallways and stairwells undoubtedly define the tone of the rest of the house. Decorate it with pieces of your personality and light it up as much as possible for the best effects. 


There are many ways to design your stairs, but we tried to include the best ones here. It is not like you have to follow our recommendations strictly. You should be filled with ideas by now hence you can cut and combine our suggestions and create your very own look. 


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